Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Psalm of Thanksgiving

At the beginning of the month our preacher challenged us to write a Psalm of Thanksgiving.  

Naturally, I waited until the last minute to do so.  On Monday, I decided it was time for me to write mine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Soak it up

That’s what I’m told to do.  That’s what I try to do.  Soak it ALL up!

When my 18 month old ends up in my bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, soak it up.

When she whines and whines without using actual words so I have no idea what she wants, soak it up.

When she finally feels confident in her feet and climbing abilities that she becomes a little clumsy and starts falling off every piece of furniture in the house and screaming her little baby head off, soak it up.

When she takes too long of an evening nap and decides that she is going to party until midnight, soak it up.

When she has a break down in the middle of the produce section at the grocery store because I asked her to pick up the two pumpkins that she pulled down, soak it up.

When she stares at the plate of food I’ve prepared and won’t take one bite, soak it up.

When she wants to read a book, but won’t let me actually read it and just turns the pages and gets angry when I don’t let her because I want to know how the story ends, soak it up.

When it’s bedtime and I’m trying to do the nightly routine and she just grunts and points to anywhere and anything to do except go to bed, soak it up.

When she says, “I yuv you!” soak it up.

When she kisses me, those moments can be rare, soak it up.

When her little fuzzy head that wasn’t combed after bath the night before tickles my cheek in the morning, soak it up.

When she just sits with me on the couch and watches TV while she eats an apple, or two, soak it up.

When she cackles and cackles while I chase her through the house butt naked because she escaped while I was changing her diaper, soak it up.

When she hugs me goodbye before I leave for work, soak it up.

When she folds her hands and bows her head while we pray for our food, before bed or at church, soak it up.

When she shouts, “AMEN” before the prayer is even over, soak it up.

Parenthood isn’t about just soaking up the happy times and fun times, it’s about soaking it ALL up

I’m reminded every day that Wren won’t want to sleep in the bed with us when she is a teenager.  Soon she will learn to talk and use all kinds of words and I might miss a little whine here and there.  I can survive off of a few hours of sleep at night, many parents have done it before me and many will continue to do it after me. She’s not the only kid that has ever pitched a fit in the grocery store and I’m not the first mom that got judged by someone else because her kid was throwing a fit in the grocery store.

But I am her only mommy!  Yes, she might tell other people that she yuv’s them, but they don’t wake up next to her fuzzy head every morning.  Yes, she gives out kisses, but they don’t get those sleepy snuggles in the middle of the night like I do.

I will soak it up I will soak it ALL up.  Even when I’m frustrated, tired and ready to pull out my hair, her hair and her daddy’s hair, I WILL SOAK IT UP!

It’s already going by fast and I know I’ll look back 10 years from now and wonder where the time went, but until then you can find me with my sweet little Wren soaking it all up!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The End of an Era

Well it happened.

Yesterday sealed the deal.

It was final at around 4:15 pm.

That’s right, I’m talking about the last of my breast milk being given away.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel when this day finally arrived, but it honestly wasn’t as bad and I thought it would be.

I was able to nurse my baby for 15 months and provide milk for 2 other babies who needed it.  What more can you ask for?

Now I just hope and pray that come March I will be just as blessed!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Weaning Continued!

We are towards the end.  I don’t feel like I thought I would when this moment arrived.

People have told me that they wish they would have known when it was the very last nurse and I might feel that way one day, but not right now.  I’m ready for a break.

Here’s my timeline of how this has gone down:
June 12 is when I wrote the last blog about weaning.  From then until July 8th I kept the same pumping schedule and was packing 7oz bags.
July 8th I started packing 5 oz bags.  I did this because I was thinking that Jessica could mix it with the milk she was planning on moving Tayla to once she no longer had breast milk.  Tayla didn’t really have any issues switching over to raw milk!!  YAY!!
July 9th I moved my pump times down to 15 minutes and still nursed Wren at night.
July 21st I moved my pump times down to 10 minutes and started packing in 3oz bags to continue Tayla’s weaning.
July 22nd I had a realization that if I was pumping 2 times for 10 minutes maybe I could skip my afternoon pump and only do my morning pump for the full 20, so that’s what I did!  This was my first day to move down to 1 pump a day.  And I was still nursing Wren at night.
July 28th – 30th I went on a business trip (without Wren) and only pumped twice a day for 15 minutes.
August 2nd – 5th Wren and I went to the beach (without Gary) and I nursed her on command, but didn’t have to pump the entire time.  Except that one time in the car…
August 6th I moved my morning pump down to 10-12 minutes and still nursed Wren at night.
I started noticing that she wasn’t acting interested in her nighttime nurse.  I didn’t push her.  I would sometimes fix her a sippy of frozen breast milk, but I was fine to skip those nighttime nurses.  My body would make up for it the next morning.  My supply had started to dwindle, which is what we were going for, and if she nursed at night I would pump 3 oz the next morning.  If she didn’t nurse, I would pump 6 oz.
August 13th I decided to skip my morning pump and only try to nurse her at night.  That was the very last time I pumped!  Whoa, that’s crazy! I hadn’t really thought about that until typing it out!!  I haven’t pumped for almost an entire month!!

As of today, we are still nursing at night (most nights).  She takes one sippy of breast milk during the day, but she hasn’t been taking it very well.  My mother-in-law watches her and actually didn’t have breast milk for a couple of days and gave her almond milk (which is what we want to switch her to) and she took that ok.  I’ve tried giving her a sippy at night of breast milk and just like during the day she doesn’t really care for it.

I’ve heard of other kids who just don’t drink milk.  They get their calcium from greens, yogurt and cheese.  I have a feeling this is the route we are about to take.  It kind of makes me sad that I worked hard for Wren to have milk well after she turned 1 and now she will barely even sip it L.  There’s a few mommies in a Facebook group that I’m in who need some donated milk, so I’m sure that’s where the remainder of my milk will go. 

Until the final nurse,


Monday, June 30, 2014

It's not about the bow

There’s a lady at church who has 2 daughters.  One in high school.  The other entering high school in the fall.  

I remember when I was younger and visited this congregation with my family, I would see these two girls with their BIG OVER SIZED BOWS.

At the time I was a tomboy.  Bows were way too girly.  I would never make my kid wear those.

Fast forward several years…

I want Wren to wear bows.  Like even with her pajamas.  And THE BIGGER THE BETTER!

She goes to my sister-in-law’s house every day and for the most part stays at home.  My sister-in-law isn't really into bows and I don't want to make her job harder than it already is.  So I don’t feel bad that she doesn't wear a bow while she’s there. 

But come church time, grocery time, any other time I want her to have a bow in her hair.

However, she feels differently.  She rips it out any opportunity she gets.  Especially when she’s tired.

The other night I went up to this mother of two daughters who wore big bows and let her know that Wren needs to come to bow boot camp.

This lady also baby-sits kids throughout the school year and I've heard that she has trained many a child to keep a bow in their hair.

She tells me, “You have to be consistent.  You have to smack her little hand when she takes it out.  You have to be stern.”

I reply with, “But sometimes I get tired of doing it over and over.  I feel silly because it’s just a bow.”

Then comes the wisdom…”It’s not just a bow.  This is setting you up for discipline in the future.  This is you showing her you mean business.  Practice your consistency with this, something that seems small, and it will make it better in the future when it comes to bigger things.  You can do it!  It’s not about the bow.”

So, if you see me in public getting onto my child because she won’t keep her bow in her hair, now you know that’s it’s not about the bow. 

This is the beginning.  The beginning of our journey.  The beginning of our journey through discipline and raising a respectful, gracious young lady.


Friday, June 27, 2014

My Spades Partner

In the summer of 2006, I was 21 & would be a senior at Freed in the fall.  My aunt and uncle were going on a 6 week vacation and asked if I could house sit.

So, I moved to Smyrna.  Found a job.  And attended the church they went to.

In the beginning, I didn’t really have friends.  I hung out with my grandparents A LOT.  But it was awesome because I got some of my grandmothers yummy cooking!

About half way through the 6 weeks, the church had ‘a day at the park’ and all the members were invited.  As I stood in line to get my food the guy in front of me started talking to me and invited me to his house that night for his birthday party.  He had invited several people from church so I was anxious to actually hang out with people my own age.

We played many games that night, but the one I remember the most was spades.

I can’t remember the score.  I can’t remember if we won.  But what I do remember is my partner.  I even left the party at the same time as him hoping he would ask me out on a date when we walked to our cars.

But he was clueless.

The next day I got a phone call from my aunt.  She said, “So I heard you went to a party last night.”
“What?!  How did you hear that?  You are on the other side of the US.”

Long story short, one of the guys at the party was interested in me and contacted a lady at church who knew had my aunt’s number and got her to call my aunt to get my number.  I thought that was pretty clever and was anxious to hear who it was.  Fingers crossed it was my spades partner.

Well, it wasn’t.  It was the guy who hosted the party.

He and I hung out for the next few days.  We went out to dinner, to the movies and we had people over to the house to grill out.  But I just wasn’t really into it.

On the following Sunday night a group of us went to the movies and on the way back to my car I ended it with this particular fellow.  I told myself I couldn’t use the phrase, “I’m not ready for a serious relationship,” because I knew that wasn’t true.  But in the heat of the moment that phrase popped out of mouth.  WHOOPS!  Didn’t mean it!  Oh well.  Can’t take it back now!

That Tuesday, my spades partner and I went on our first date.  It was his birthday, June 27th.

Today is June 27th.  Exactly 8 years later.  Do you want to know what my spades partner and I are doing? 

House sitting for the same aunt and uncle!!

Coincidence?  Probably, but it’s still a cool story!

Happy birthday to my most favorite spades partner in all the land!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Does my hair really matter?


I got mine cut.

Like. A LOT!

I was stressing over it and wondering what people were going to think. 

I cried.  I made my hairdresser cry (sorry Nichole). And I asked people to only say kind words.

Of course everyone has been kind and I can tell those people who don’t really like it because they just don’t say anything.  And I’m ok with that.

But here I am worrying about my HAIR.  Hair?  Really?

The stuff that sits on top of my head.  The stuff that everybody most people have.  The stuff that grows back.


When I woke up this morning I got on Facebook to read the kind comments that people were saying about my new do.

But then I saw it!

I saw that sweet baby.  That sweet baby laying in a casket.

The first time we went to India this family took us in.  They fed us.  They clothed us.  They were our family!

We keep in touch the best we can being oceans apart, but knowing they are going through this major loss and not being able to hug them.  Stand with them.  Just be with them is killing me!

I ache for them. 

I can’t sympathize with them.

I can’t imagine what they are going through.

I can only pray.

Have you realized that’s what it always comes back to?

How do people that don’t believe in God ever survive?  How do they make it through the tough times? 

Who do they confide in?  Who do they pour their heart out to?

I am Grateful.  Grateful we have a God.  Grateful that he hears our prayers.  Grateful that he is now kissing this sweet baby!

Please pray for this family, my India family. 

We love you Teja and Sirisha!  We are praying for you and wish we could be with you!
We miss you very much and hopefully God will bring us together again soon.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let's Talk About Weaning Baby

As more of my friends continue to have babies and ask me questions, I have realized how much I've actually forgotten about the newborn stage.  

Yes, I still remember bits and pieces and I did write this blog.  But some of the more specific details are just gone.  Vanished. I just can’t recall.

So, I’m vowing to write more.  More about the current situation I’m in as a mother.  More about my feelings.  My emotions.  How these steps take a toll on my physical body as well.

With that said, let’s go on a journey through weaning…

You might remember that I have a hefty supply of breast milk due to immediate & frequency in pumping. 

You might also remember that I have an increasingly strong desire to be a stay-at-home, so Gary and I had actually talked about and briefly considered selling my breast milk.  People do this. And people buy it.  We thought this could help supplement some of my income for the time being and allow me to reach my goal. 

We researched it. 

We prayed about it.

We decided that we couldn't do it. 

There are too many women out there who can’t breast feed that have a strong desire to do so and too many babies that need breast milk that can’t get any. 

So, we waited. We waited for someone we knew.  For someone that needed this.

I was first introduced to Jessica through a former co-worker, Angela.  They were both in the same mommy group on Facebook.  Jessica posted that her milk donor was starting to wean her own baby and could no longer supply Jessica’s baby with breast milk.  She wasn't necessarily trying to find another donor, but to get feedback on goats milk and if any other mom’s had given it to their babies.

However, Angela had something else in mind…

Jessica first contacted me on March 6th.  She told me about herself and breastfeeding…

I was able to nurse Tayla and pump for the first 4 months but then my supply dwindled and she started losing some serious weight and was almost hospitalized.“

She told me about her daughter, Tayla…

She gets very sick whenever she has to take a formula bottle.  Phlegmy/chest cough, runny nose, acid poops, yucky vomiting, and screaming.   She is miserable and I hate that for her. She is on meds for her reflux. But formula just turns her world upside down despite the meds.”

She asked me questions about my diet, my milk and my overall health.  Some of the questions I wasn't really sure how to answer and I was a little intimated, but she finished with this…

I know that if it isn't you that can help her, God will put someone else in our lives to help her.  :-).  Please let me know if you are still interested.  I hope I didn't scare you off. :-)”

Her parting words pretty much sealed the deal that I wanted to at least try.
I chatted with one of our elder’s wives at church who donated milk both times she nursed her own boys:  “Is it weird having another baby drinking your milk? I’m scared I won’t have enough milk to supply for both babies.” 

She was so positive and told me, “It’s just milk, but it’s the special milk that helps some babies survive. God will provide if you decide this is what you want to do.”

After several back and forth emails with Jessica, we were sitting in their home for dinner on March 13th

Jessica and I immediately hit it off!  And you know who else did too?  Our husbands! 

We ate, laughed and I got to feed that sweet baby a bottle of my breast milk.

Oh my goodness it brings tears to my eyes!  I’m sad that we didn't capture that moment, but I will remember it regardless. I felt honored, but I also felt nervous. 

Nervous that she wouldn't take it well.  Nervous that it would hurt her tummy. Nervous that all of this just wouldn't work out.

The feeling can almost be compared to when a new mom starts breastfeeding her baby.  That nervous in your gut please let this work feeling.

And guess what!  It did! 

Jessica was shocked when Tayla got about half way through the bottle and she hadn’t even spit up once.  She was amazed at the fat in my milk, which is what babies thrive on.  She was grateful and hopeful that this was going to work!

Fast forward to today.  The DeYoung’s are our friends.  We have dinner together. The boys have lunch together. And they came to Wren’s first birthday!

Tayla and me
pic via

Jessica and her 3 kiddos

Statistics from 2010 say that 27% of women breast fed their babies for the first year.  Four years later, I’m sure that number has increased.

I always had the plan that I would breast feed Wren until she turned one (if I was able), but once Tayla entered our lives I wanted to be sure she had breast milk until her first birthday as well.

Everything has worked great so far!  When we first met Tayla, in March, she was 7 months old.  I knew making a commitment to get her to her first birthday would mean I would have to continue to pump 2 months longer than my original plan.

My photographer and friend, Shonta, asked me at Wren’s first birthday party if I was sad about nursing coming to an end and to be honest I really hadn't thought about it at that point because I knew I had until August before I really started weaning. 

Well, the closer we get to August the more sad I get. 

I currently still nurse Wren.  Only at bedtime during the week and as many times as she needs on the weekends.  However, she is starting to show signs that she doesn't really want/need it much anymore.  I really want her to wean herself as much as possible.

On nights that I am away and Gary puts her to bed he will sometimes forget or just not feed her milk before bedtime and guess what?  She’s totally fine and sleeps through the night. 

Our little girl is growing up! And it’s sad.

Sad to think she doesn't NEED me anymore.  I know that she really does, but not in the same way that she needed me as an infant.

Weaning has been something that has scared me for some time.  Really ever since the meeting in the hospital about ‘taking your baby home’ and they talk about the women who choose not to breast feed.  They tell you to use cabbage leaves and ice to suppress the pain.  They say it will be painful.  I know weaning and just stopping cold turkey are two different things, but it still scares me!!

Will it hurt? Will I wake up in pain? How do I do this?  When do I start?

Thankfully I have a lot of examples around me and I ask a lot of questions!

I do use google from time to time, but I would prefer to get information from people I know.

A girl at work only pumped and bottle fed and when she started weaning from her pump, immediately after her baby’s first birthday, she simply started cutting out the pumps that ‘got on her nerves the most:’

The one right before dinner

Then the morning pump at work

Towards the end she only had her early morning pump and was only doing it every other day. 

She said once she got to where she was pumping less than an ounce she would quit.

Just this past month she finished pumping completely.  She said the only pain she had was a couple of random pains, which she thinks was just everything clogging up and going back to normal.  She said other than that she was completely fine and doesn't miss her pump at all!  She had a good supply built up and has enough to get her baby to 16 months!

My friend, Rachel, did the same thing I do…

pumped when she was away from her baby and nursed him when they were together.  

She had built her supply up early on, therefore, even had to pump once a day on the weekends, which is the same as me.  Around Preston's first birthday, she slowly started cutting back time on her pumping, but continued to nurse him at night. 

When he was 15 months he actually weaned himself from nursing. She had to pump a little more over the next month, but continued decreasing the length each time. She said it was a smooth transition with zero pain.  She was able to save enough milk for him to have until he was 17 months old!!!

I’m pretty much still on the same schedule I've been on since the beginning…

  • 20 minutes in the morning (around 9)
  • 20 minutes in the afternoon (around 3)
  • Wren's just recently cut out the evening nurse before dinner, except the past 2 nights (I think she’s teething)
  • Nurse before bed

My weekend schedule is nurse on command and pump for 20 minutes once a day.  I still have to pump even when I'm nursing her all day I get too full and start getting some pain in my right shoulder and blade. 

My right side is my biggest producer and I think it’s because of that pain that I have in my head that weaning is painful.

I still have a couple of months before I really start this process, so until then I'll just keep pumping.  Just keep pumping pumping pumping


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Final Wedding


Some love them.  Some hate them.  Some plan them.  Some avoid them.

I. LOVE. Them

I didn’t really start loving weddings until after my own. 

I remember the very first wedding I attended post marriage.  It was 2 weeks after Gary and I got married.  It was a girl I grew up with at church and I bawled through the entire thing! 

The words, they meant more. The details, I actually noticed them. 

I love weddings so much I decided a few years ago to purchase a nice video camera and start a small business on the side.  It allows me to tell a story.  Your story.  Your happiness.  Your love.

I love to video weddings, but I also enjoy going and being a guest.

Signing the book.  Picking a seat.  Chatting with those around me about how I know the bride and groom.

I will be attending my third wedding in 3 weeks this coming weekend! 

2 weeks ago I videoed a wedding for a girl at church 

This past weekend Gary and I hit the road (baby-less) and attended a friend’s wedding in east Tennessee

This coming weekend Wren and I are hitting the road to attend a wedding in Arab.

When I was in college I didn’t go to many weddings because there were just too many!  I hated feeling like I had to pick one friend over another friend.

But now, if we are available we do our best to make it to weddings that we are invited to.

The Bride. The Groom. The bridal party. The flowers. The cake. THE UNION AND THE HAPPY EVERY AFTER…Oh it just makes me giddy!

Don’t Miss It!  That was the title of Sunday night’s sermon.  Wayne talked about Heaven.  He talked about how we will all get new bodies, the custom built house that God is preparing for us and the opportunity that we will have to visit with Bible characters! 

His very last point. THE WEDDING.

The UNION of Christ and His church.

Where will I be on that day?  Will I be videoing it?  Telling someone else’s story?  Seeing their happiness?  Their love?

OR will I be a guest. Watching from my seat.  Telling others that I know the bride and groom.

OR will I be among those that will be called the BRIDE OF CHRIST?  


Friday, May 30, 2014

5 Years

This weekend was full of lace, lavender and tiffany blue! Oh and dirt, but I'll get to that :).  I video taped a girl's wedding from church and HAD A BLAST!!  Here's a quick pic of the gorgeous bride and groom...

However, I wanted to be sure that my groom and I celebrated our day as well, so here's a look back on the past 5 years via blog posts...

I wrote this poem here for our 1 year anniversary, but I wanted to re-post the whole thing just in case you don't click on the link :)

One year ago I put on a dress
You put on a tux and looked your best

One year ago you held some flowers
Your back was turned for what seemed like hours

One year ago you turned around
and for the first time that day we looked each other up and down

One year ago pictures were taken
one after the other memories we were making

One year ago I rode a horse and carriage
to begin a life and a long lasting marriage

One year ago the raindrops fell
I didn't even cry or yell

One year ago my daddy gave me away
after the clouds parted and dropped down the rays

One year ago we both said "I Do"
We became one in something new

One year ago was one of the best days of my life
I love living God's plan and being your wife

Happy Anniversary Gary!!  I love you!!

During our 2nd year of marriage we traveled the world!!!!
We're moving to Malaysia
Thanksgiving in Malaysia
First Chinese Wedding
A Malaysian New Years
My Birthday - Malaysia Style
Our Awesome Church Family in Malaysia
Sleepover with the youth from church
We went to Singapore, but I guess I never blogged about it...sad day!!
We went to India...Twice!!
Celebrated our 2 year anniversary in Chicago!!

Year 3:
A look back on 5 years of dating...this includes some Singapore pictures :)
We bought a car!
Gary lost his Grandfather
We got dirty in the Warrior Dash
First Marriage Retreat!!
One of Many No Shave Novembers
We went camping for our 3 year anniversary!!

Year 4:
Gary turned the big 3-0!!
New Zealand in a few days, which included an SFT Workshop
Oregon/Cali for Brandon and Kelsy's Wedding
I lost my Grandfather!
We got pregnant!!!!!!
There was no anniversary trip because we were too busy lovin' on our Wrennie!!

Year 5 has pretty much evolved around our sweet little baby, but it's been soooo fun and I love seeing Gary as a Daddy!!
Our first Family Retreat.
We I Love Softball!!
Our first 4 day trip away from Wren.
A post I wrote about Gary :).  Love him!!
A look back on our sweet girl's first year!

Last weekend after the wedding was complete and I taught my Sunday morning 2 year old class, we loaded up the car to the camp ground!  First family camping trip was AMAZING!!!

Displaying IMG_20140526_144231.jpg

This weekend, Wren is staying with my parents and Gary and I are headed to East Tennessee for a friend's wedding and a little alone time ;).

I love this man and have loved every minute of the past 5 years of marriage!!!  I've loved the sad times, the happy times, the hurtful times and the shameful times because no matter what I know that he loves me and that's the best feeling in the world!!

Happy Anniversary to my sweet sweet husband!!


P.S. I think I've really been in a look back mood lately...hope y'all are enjoying as much as I am :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

There's A First Time for Everything

It all started on May 11, 2013 when Gary and I FIRST became parents to our perfect little baby, Gwyneth Wren Washer.


My FIRST Mother's Day

Wren's First Manicure

Wren's FIRST fishing lesson

FIRST photo session with Shonta

FIRST bath (for Wren...not us)

First man in her life

First trip to Backwoods

First time to church

Gary's FIRST Father's Day

First Car Mechanics Lesson

First Cooking Lesson

Displaying MyCollage_50.png
First Holiday Season

Mine & Wren's FIRST ACN Convention

FIRST sporting event (watching her cousin, Elizabeth, play volleyball)

FIRST piano lesson

FIRST laugh (7/31) - while I was changing her diaper
FIRST time to roll-over (9/16)
FIRST gun lesson (9/21) - Gary went dove hunting and showed her how the gun worked when he got home.
FIRST ride sitting up in the shopping cart (10/14) - Gary and I usually go to the grocery store together and when she was born that didn't change.  She usually does pretty good the entire trip, but sometimes I do have to let her start snacking before we make it to the check-out line.  Don't worry I still pay for everything.
FIRST crawl (11/26) - Thanksgiving week
FIRST spanking (1/2) - she was climbing on some metal chairs we had in the kitchen and they had already fallen on her once, but she thought they were so fun.  I finally had to smack that little leg and of course that brought on the awful cry face.
FIRST tooth (1/3) - felt that left bottom one coming in
FIRST step (3/19) - Gary and I decided her first step could only be declared when we both saw it & this is the first one we both saw...she was 10 months old.
FIRST tick (4/2) - during spring break her & her cousins spent a lot of time out at Granny & Pappy's (Gary's parents).  They live in the woods and when I was changing her clothes that night I noticed something on the back of her neck.  Sure enough it was a tick and she was champ while her daddy got it off.  I was a little proud because I grew up getting ticks all the time :)!
FIRST beach trip

FIRST fish fry - every year Gary's Pop has a fish fry and this year some of his family from Washington state was able to come.  The top right and the bottom are those family members.  The top right is Gary's Uncle Gary & Aunt Peggy.

FIRST time in Bible Class

FIRST time watching momma play softball

Displaying IMG950297.jpg

It has been a great year and seriously I can't believe it's over.  It's been so fun watching this little stinker grow and watching my precious husband be a daddy!  He is the best daddy!!

Here's the final monthly picture & update

She's walking all over the place.  She started walking about 2 weeks before her birthday and hasn't stopped.  There's plenty of face plants, but girl just gets right back up and keeps going.

Everyone told us when she started walking she would start sleeping better, but that's a big fat lie in our house!!  This week has been awful with sleeping.  She just won't go to sleep.  Gary and I were both so tired Monday & Tuesday that we just put her in the bed with us, which doesn't help us sleep any better because she is like her momma and a WIGGLE WORM!!!  She doesn't lay still when sleeps.  She sits up, plops down, puts her feet in your face, puts her butt in your face, kicks you in the stomach, it's insane!!  So last night I just couldn't take it anymore and I thought let's try putting her in her car seat.  We have done this once before and it worked great, but now that she's older I wasn't sure how it would work.  I put her in there and went straight to bed.  I woke up sometime around 4.  I felt around and there was no little person in the bed.  Gary kind of woke up and I asked if she was still in her seat, but he had put her in her bed before he came to bed!  YAHOO!!  SUCCESS!!  I've said it before & I'll say it again you gotta do what you gotta do!!  She just won't sit still when it's bed time, but putting her in her car seat made her sit still and that was all she needed.  She had honestly been doing pretty good up until this week, so I think she's getting some pretty important teeth in.  She's been extremely stuffy lately!

She now has 4 teeth!  Those two top teeth finally came in!

Her new favorite thing to eat is pretzels.  The first time she had them was at her party because they were the tail of the bird cake.  Here's her and her daddy sharing some pretzels the other day...

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aren't they the cutest!!
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She can now show you how old she is!!  Here's the video!  I knew I wanted to teach my kids this when I saw another baby do it a few years ago!  It's the cutest thing and anytime I say her name now she just holds up a 1 because that's what she thinks I'm going to ask her :).

This past year has been one of the most exciting years and I'm even more excited to watch her grow & learn new things!  Gary & I love being mommy and daddy to our precious girl!  

Happy Birthday sweet Wrennie!  You make our lives so much more bright & fun!!

Your Momma