Friday, April 29, 2011


Update on the Storm:

Shelley sent me these pictures yesterday of her in-laws house.  I didn't really understand what everything was, but my dad explained it to me

I'm guessing this is Steve's truck.  Steve and Rhonda were in Birmingham when all of this happened and they came back home at about 1AM the next morning.  They knew everything was gone, but you still can't prepare yourself for how it will make you feel when you see it.

The slab you see in this picture is their patio between their house and their garage.  You can see the stones that lined the walkway and the flower bed.  To the left of the patio is where the house was.

This big slab is where the garage was.  That little building standing in the back is Rhonda's closet and their bathroom that was picked up and moved over from the house.  They were able to save some of her clothes.

A wider view of the garage slab and patio.  It doesn't really look like that tree came from there because the dirt it's sitting on is hard looking.  I'm guessing it came from somewhere else and landed in that spot.  My dad said there were trees wrapped around other trees.  He said was very creepy looking.

They have had people bringing them food and clothes and the church gave them a check.  They are going to be alright and we are all so thankful. 

I have heard that the roads are clear to head down there, so I guess Gary and I will load up some supplies and hit the road tomorrow.  I know we are going to take some gas for their generator and Lindsay Huckaby Helton, who is from there and was there when it happened, gave me a good idea to take a cooler full of drinks.  I'm sure I'll talk to my sister today and see what else we can bring.  So many people have told me they are willing to send stuff through us, but I'm just not sure what they need right now.

Still praying,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Storm

For those of you who are unaware, my sister was at her in-laws last night by herself with a friend's kid when the tornado came through.  Thankfully they have a storm shelter, but the house is completely gone.  Only her mother's-in-law closet is still standing.  I'm a little confused on all the details of where everyone was, but I do know that Shelley and Jared's cars (both of them) are totaled and his parents don't have a house.  We are just thankful that everyone is ok.  Rhonda and Steve (Jared's parents) are still in Birmingham with Rhonda's mom and haven't seen their house yet.  I'm sure that is going to be something very hard to see once they get home.  Please keep them and everyone that was affected by the storm in your prayers.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Business Cards

So, it's time to start getting serious about my videography business.  I have several weddings under my belt now and I learn more everyday.  I just bought my first HD Video Camera and shot my friend, Trish's, wedding in Venice Florida (GORGEOUS).  That wedding was a lot of firsts for me...first beach wedding ever attended, first beach wedding every videographed, first wedding with new camera, and first wedding to witness a live crocodile (oh yes you will see)! 

I have been meaning for several several months to get some business cards, but I have neglected to do so.  I know that vista print offers some pretty cheap ones to start out.  I feel like once I order business cards it's more official and I need to book more weddings and that is scary and exciting all at the same time! 

I wanted you readers to have a look at this business card and let me know what you think.  Does it look professional?  Does it look cheap?  Does it look like someone who knows what they are doing?  Does it say, "Hey, I need to call her for my wedding."  I also want to get into other things besides just weddings, so that's why it says lifestyle as well.  I was thinking about promoting kids birthday parties, photographer promos, baby stories, etc.  I think the wider my range of capabilities the faster I'll get this business off the ground. 

Is that right...serving greater nashville, tn?

I am currently working on a blog as well, but still haven't found the right touch.  I'll make sure to let you all know once it's up and running.  In case you missed the most recent video I have finished click here.  Keep in mind that I always do highlight videos, but the DVDs that I send the bride and groom can include other options.  I also have to work on a set pricelist.  I have currently only been offering one package, but like I said before, the more wider my range the likely I am to book.  Please let me know if you have any videography needs!

Happy Videoing,

I'm an Aunt!

When I married into the Washer family, I gained 2 nephews and 3 nieces.  The day I came to the realization that I was an aunt was such a great day...

I was driving down the road thinking about how fun it will be one day when my sister has a baby.  "I will be the best aunt," I thought.  I kept imagining myself at the hospital in the waiting room, or maybe if Shelley will allow in the delivery room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first niece or nephew.  It was a great time in my world of fascination!  But then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was already an aunt.  Gary and I had been married for a few months, I guess, and I don't know why I didn't really think about it before, but I got really really excited.  I'm pretty sure I even called a few people to let them know that I was an aunt.  I think my sister was the first one I called that day.  She was a little confused but once I explained it to her she thought I was crazy.  I guess the reason it took me so long to "figure it out" is because the current nieces and nephews don't really call me Aunt Kimberly. 

My sister and I are very old fashioned and call all of our aunts and uncles, aunt so-in-so and uncle so-in-so.  I know alot of kids these days don't do that, but I want to be Aunt Kimberly.  Every once in a while I'll hear Gary's sisters call me that and I just get so excited.  I think I might have to start referring to myself as Aunt Kimberly when I'm around them just so they get used to hearing it.  "Aunt Kimberly loves you."  "Aunt Kimberly thinks you are the prettiest girl in the world."  "Aunt Kimberly needs her hugs."  You think it will get annoying if I talk in 3rd person all the time?  The hard part about it though is that Gary was so young and lived at home when his oldest sister had her first kid.  As you know the oldest sets the bar for the rest of them and since they were semi-close in age she just calls him Gary, thus I am just Kimberly.  I think the wheels are gonna change though because we have a new one coming in August.  Gary's sister, Laura, is pregnant with her 3rd.  It's a boy, so it evens out the playing field of boys vs. girls.  Which makes our options wide open on which sex we should/could/would have.  I want all boys, but Gary wants at least one girl.  Anyway, this post wasn't supposed to turn into this discussion, but alas it has.  I started this to show you some pictures of my cute niece and nephew.  I just found this picture on facebook in my oldest niece, Hannah's, albums and I decided to touch it up a bit with some editing. 

 This is the original version.  Sarah and Caleb are very close in age and spend a lot of time together.  They are always getting into mischeif, but look how cute they are!!

I decided to do everything in black and white except for the wagon and then add a little cousin quote to make the picture more sentimental, because I'm ooshy gooshy like that.

I love these kids and I'm so blessed to have married into a big family that just keeps growing.  Just in case you want to know all my nieces and nephews they are: Hannah, Christopher, Ruthie, Sarah, Caleb, and then Benjamin will be here in August.  I'm pretty obsessed with him all ready and everytime I'm out I think I have buy him something.  Gary is starting to get a little annoyed with all of the "My Aunt is the Best" clothing around the house, but what can I say...I AM!!!

Happy Aunting (and Uncling),

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dreaming and Spitting?

When I am really tired I tend to do things in my sleep that might seem a little crazy.  I'm not sure why these things only when I'm completely exhausted, but that's just the way I am I guess.

So, let me start from the beginning...

When I was in high school I played softball up until my senior year and quit to play soccer because I loved the girls that played soccer and I knew I had a better chance to get a soccer scholarship to Freed than a softball scholarship.  Also, my sister played soccer at Freed and I really wanted to play on the same team as her.  Anyway (don't know why I gave you all those details), I am very much a tom boy and anytime I'm out on the field or really even outside I tend to spit...a lot.  Well, in this particular dream I'm on either the softball or soccer field and I'm spitting right before some action happens.  I wake up to find myself sitting up, leaned over my legs, as a big spit wad is falling out of my mouth.  I woke up just in time to suck it back up before it hit the sheets.  Gross right!!

My sister L.O.V.E.S. that story!!  Anytime we are with a group of people she always wants me to tell that story.  Well, here is the newest one that she will make me tell over and over again I'm sure...

Every morning and every night, just like any other person, I brush my teeth.  Of course there are times during the day that I might get a little dental action in, but those are the main times.  I'm not sure which time of day this dream was actually taking place, but what I was doing was brushing my teeth.  Just like anything else we do, there is a system to the way we brush our teeth.  I put my right leg into my pants first and then my left.  I usually put my left shoe on before my right shoe.  I always start brushing my teeth on the bottom left and then continue in the muscle memory that I know as brushing my teeth.  It felt so real.  I could feel the bristles of the toothbrush running against my teeth.  I could taste the toothpaste on my tongue.  I finished my cycle and went to spit, but it didn't go in the sink it rolled down the side of my left cheek...and then...I woke up with spit rolling down the side of my left cheek.  I rubbed it off and instantly thought, 'man is my sister gonna love this one.'

What's the deal??  Thank goodness I never dream about being in one of those old movies where spitting in people's faces is a sign of disrespect, not that it's not a sign today, but it always seems to be in old movies (I think).  If that does happen...Poor Gary!!!  Maybe he won't wake up and I'll have time to get the spit off of his face because it seems that once I spit I wake up :)

Happy spitting,

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ode to the Back

Growing up my mom always had back pains.
She had so many surgeries, it seemed like she was in chains.

I have lived a pretty active life.
Then I grew up and became a wife.

Over the past couple of years I have suffered from back aches.
They show up at random times because some of my stupid mistakes.

The first time it hit me was last year in the spring.
I was outside planting flowers to give my yard a little zing.

UH OH there it goes.
Seriously, this really blows.

The pain only lasted a couple of days.
I still went to work, just moved like a cow on the graze.

The pain stayed away for almost a year, 
then last month it kicked up in high gear.

I was at my friend's house that has three little kids,
I went to pick one up, but my back forbids!!

We were celebrating our March Thanksgiving that day, 
so don't think this mishap put less food on my tray.

This time, just like the first, I was able to work.
I just couldn't make sudden movements or my back would jerk.

I still play church league softball,
but that's not going to hold up for the long haul.

So, Tuesday night, I'm playing left field.
A ball was hit, so I peeled.

A mad dash to catch it in the air.
It went in my glove, but to my despair

My back got real tight and down to my knees I went.
I was able to walk it off, but still wasn't 100%.

We went into the dugout and I took a seat, 
but not for very long because the game wasn't complete.

I was up to bat, so there I went
This is where the real pain underwent.

I waited for the pitch I liked 
and swung with all my might.

The ball was hit and the play was in action, 
but there I stood with a major back contraction. (P.S. the doc told me they're called spasms, but I would always call them contractions.)

The game was over, but the drama remained
thank goodness the other team had a first aid kit and they were trained.

Some on field therapy got me a little stronger, 
but to my surprise the pain would last longer.

As if I was a drunk, my keys were taken from me
Gary wasn't there, so I was taken home by Rachel and Lee.

I've been off of work since Wednesday 
and I just wanted to convey

That I really hate back injuries 
and I want it to go away!!!

I'm sorry to all of you who might be like poet people I don't know the different types of poems, I just like to rhyme :).

I have been to the chiropractor twice and he has put me on a heavy therapy regimen, so hopefully I'll be 100% very soon and I will be able to go back to work on Monday!  I do have a double header on Tuesday, but I'm not sure that I'm going to play :(.  

The doc told me that all these years of swinging one way has made one back muscle stronger than the other side and I need to work it out.  I started the Turbo Jam work-out recently and intend to continue that work-out once the back is back!  Hopefully I won't have to write another ode to the back anytime soon!

Thanks for reading, 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FHU Stepping it Up!!

I guess Lambeth is closing so FHU decided to step up and get more students!


This is Crazy!! I had no idea they were selling this kind of stuff!!!

Check out this guy talk about what young kids are wearing these days.  There are 2 videos on the page that are worth watching as well.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Family Memories

My friend, Ashley, has some family on her husband's side that lost their house to a fire about a month ago.  I just wanted to share this with you all and hopefully the family won't some how link up to my blog and see the sweet heart that Ashley has.  Well, I know they know how sweet she is, but you know I mean.  I know she wants to keep this a surprise.  I just wanted my readers to be able to read it and keep this family in your prayers.  I have never met them, but I know Ashley and Adam and that's enough for me to know that this family is amazing!  I have no idea if they need anything, but let me know if you want to donate anything to them and I'll make sure it gets there.  I would try and explain them to you, but Ashley put it best in her facebook message:

 Hey friends!

As most of you might know Adam's Aunt's house burned down a month or so ago.  It burned completely to the ground. What started out as a little fire in the basement (and at that point she thought they could put it out their-self) took all their possessions in a matter of an hour. Chad and Amanda have 3 kids....Annsley (14 years old), Ann Marie (10 years old), and Charlie (7 years old).

Luckily the kids were at school and did not see it happening. The Wilson's live on land with my in-laws, Adam's grandparents, and his other aunt's family. My mother-in-law saw it and said it was so devastating at how fast it took everything. If you walked into her house prior to the fire you would see each room with colorful walls (like my mother-in-laws) and the kids paintings and art work everywhere. She was able to grab a picture album and a DisneyWorld photo. Everything is gone. Most houses you see, still have walls up up or you can still see some part of the house. Their house is completely gone. It's like the basement was a huge bonefire. Extremely hard to see still. Luckily, nobody was hurt! Charlie (who was my ring bearer and most of you know he is developmental delayed) said some great things...."At least it didn't burn down the shop that me and grandaddy work in (his favorite place!)." He also said the next day, "Hey, grandaddy let's go to Lowe's and get some fans, windows, and doors so we can start building my house." Bless him.

The church families have been so generous. We saw Jesus in every move. The WIlson family is now living in a home (Chad's grandmas, who is now in the nursing home) until they decide to build. They are all doing better. The mom, Amanda, has good and bad days. Her main issue is losing every memory, art work, Christmas ornaments, baby clothes, special pieces, etc....which would be any mommy's nightmare.

I was thinking about making them a quilt (ok, I'm not making obviously....haha) with their pictures on it. I have found one through Wal-mart that is a little over $100. I also wanted to create some picture albums, framed pictures, special things like that. I found some great ideas on snapfish. I will make as many things as I can come up with. If you have any great ideas, please share :)

I was wondering if you would be willing to donate to this cause. It could be as small as $5 but every bit will help. I will use all of it to make "memory stuff." They have had a lot of money donated so I wanted to do something sentimental.

Here is my address:
Let me know if you want to donate
I have her address.

If you would like to right a small note I will give it to her with the present.

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beatuiful treasures. Proverbs 24:3-4

Love you all!

I attached a picture of their house before the fire. My sis-in-law just happen to take this picture the weekend before.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, it's that time of year again...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!  Congrats on 32 years together!!!!  Here's to many more!!!

Graymere church of Christ

Most of you might remember Dharma from India.  Well, ever since we left India, Gary and Jimmy have been trying to get Dharma full time support.  A couple of Sunday's ago, while I was out of town, Gary drove down to worship with the Graymere congregation.  He talked to them about being Dharma's lifeline and THEY AGREED!!!!  Supposedly they have supported Dharma in the past, so they know who he is and what he does.  I'm not sure if they are actually sending Dharma support, but they are going to be accepting donations on behalf of Dharma and making sure that they get to him.  I know that Gary is constantly trying to find people to support him because all he does is preach the gospel!  He is such a hard-working loving man that needs to support his family.  While we were there and were having the workshop at his congregation the men who came mostly rode the bus.  When the 2 day workshop was over all of the men came to Dharma for bus fair.  I have no idea how he could afford that because there were hundreds of men and women there.  These are the types of things he does for other people.  We did not spend a dime while we were there.  Of course we did leave congregations money as we went and we left Dharma and his family with some before we left, but as far as buying food or even clothes we didn't.  Dharma did!  He is a generous humble man of God and we are so thankful that we have the opportunity to help him.  If anybody wants to donate to Dharma in India please send your check to Graymere church of Christ 1320 Trotwood Ave. Columbia, TN 38401 and make sure you put in the "for" section your donation is for Dharma Swarup.  We love Dharma and can't wait to see him again!

Thanks for reading,