Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I would like to introduce you to...

I was talking my sister the other day about my blog and she said she feels like she knows everyone at our church, well for those of you don't feel that way let me introduce you to the Wangsa Maju church family...

The Gan Family
C.B. (we just call him Gan), Christie, and Hua Feng (pronounced: Wa-Fung).  This is an awesome family!!  They open their home every week to have care group.  Christie is a free lance advertiser.  She does great work and is always willing to put her abilities to use for the Lord.  I'm not exactly sure what Gan does for his earthly job, but his spiritual job is #1 in his life.  He loves young Christians and is so welcoming when new people come to visit.  Hua Fung (pronounced: Wa-fung) is so energetic and in the short time that we have been here we have seen him grow in so many ways.  He has a very deep mind that can point out things in the Bible that some of us have never thought of.  He serves the Lords table most Sundays and does such a good job!  He always gives us a good laugh too (not when serving)! 

Chee Hoe Foo 
Chee Hoe is in the process of becoming a pediatrician.  He loves young people and does a great job with the youth at our church.  He loves to laugh and have a good time!  He is one of the young leaders in the church, but don't underestimate his talents.  I get so excited when he is preaching because he does such a wonderful job.  Since this congregation is so small they have the priviledge of rotating preachers every week.  The men do a wonderful job stepping up when it's their turn.  Chee Hoe was also one of the leaders of the cell group.  Chee Hoe is Jun Ai's boyfriend, who you will meet when you read on.

The Chin Family
Chris, Lai Heng (pronounced: Lie-hing) Elizabeth, and Austin are such a great family!!  Chris helps so much with the anything that needs to be done around the church building on a daily basis.  He has such a servant heart.  Lai Heng is gorgeous (as you can tell) and is so sweet!  She is always one of the first people to say "good morning" when we walk in the church building.  Elizabeth is quiet, but so sweet!  She is always up for whatever the youth group is doing and always has a smile on her face.  Austin is also quiet.  He is such a good helper at church.  After worship is over he walks around picks up all the Bibles and song books to put back on the shelf. 

Doreen Low
Doreen is the church secretary and also known as the walking Old Testament.  This woman knows her Bible.  She is the one who put together the questions for the random quiz game we played on New Years Eve.  She did not hold back and even stumped us a couple of times.  She is a good role model and always is there to do whatever you need.

The Lee Family
You have heard about Douglas, Sharon, and Zachary Lee before.  With Sharon being an American that has lived in Malaysia for about 30 years, I tend to get a lot of cultural answers from her.  She is like an open book and so knowledgeable.  She teaches our ladies class once a month and is the facilitator for our new Sunday morning Bible class "Lord, Change My Attitude" (it's wonderful material).  She is a teacher, so you can imagine how expressive she is.  She does a great job and I learn so much!  Douglas is amazing and usually brings Gary and me home after cell group and other events that we might attend.  He is over the benevolence at the church and has great ideas to help people.  Pray that these ideas will be able to lead people to Christ.  I love when Douglas sings Michael Jackson in the car!!  Zachary is in college (as of today) and loves being around people.  I'm not sure if I have been to a youth event or known about a youth event that he hasn't been to.  He is so involved!  They also have a daughter Stephanie who has a son named Firdouz.

Gideon Yee
Gideon is such a good kid.  Neither one of his parents come, but he is a very regular member and very involved with the youth.  He is such a sweet kid!  He serves on the Lord's Table a lot as well.

The Cheang Family
KC has moved to KL from Singapore for business, however, his family was not able to move with him.  His wife, Irene, and daughter Melissa still live in Singapore and visit on a pretty regular basis.  KC was an elder at their church back in Singapore, so he has been a great asset to the Wangsa family.  Irene just jumps right in helping when she is here and Melissa joins right in with the youth as well.  There are several activities (like camp) that the PP (church in Singapore) youth does and KC and Irene are always willing to fetch the kids back and forth.  Gary and I are going to be able to spend a week in Singapore with this family next month.  We are sooo excited and are even going to be there for Chinese New Year!!

Kok Pern
Kok Pern is a product of the LST (Let's Start Talking) ministry that Wangsa is involved in.  All of the members at the Wangsa church used to attend the PJ church, however, they decided to start this church because this area is closer to the KTAR and UTAR students.  I'm not sure of Kok Pern's religious background, but since we have been here he has attended both care group and cell group.  He is such a good guy and we are blessed to know him and call him a friend.

Matthew Chin
Matthew is also a product of the LST program.  What Wangsa does is every June/July when the students are starting school or coming back to school they offer free English classes.  After the English classes are complete they take the students who are still serious and put them into the LST classes, which is more biblical based.  They then move to cell group and then care group once they have been baptized.  Matthew has come a long way and is the other leader of the cell group with Chee Hoe.  He has such a good heart and loves spreading God's Word.

Pamela and Brenda Lynn
Pamela and Brenda are both very quiet, but with servant hearts.  Pamela is always running around making sure that everyone is taken care of and doesn't need anything.  Brenda is so sweet and is very involved with the youth.

Samuel Lee
I just love Samuel!!  Samuel is one of our college students and he is wonderful!!  He has expressed that he wants to work with youth and I have encouraged him to come to the states and stay with us and maybe get an internship somewhere or something like that.  He has great ideas and loves to be a leader as well.  We got the privilege of meeting his parents when they were here visiting and I can see where he gets his wonderful personality from, they are incredible!!  We hope to be able to travel with him to his home town of Penang before we leave, but our time is running out too fast.  I guess we will have to make a special trip another time huh?

The Shee Family
Steven, Eileen, Dexter, and Isaac are such a great family!  Steven is known as the "food minister" because he always know where the best places to eat are.  I am here to tell you that it's true.  Steven and Eileen were the first couple I met at Wangsa when they came to pick me up for a wedding reception (whoops never blogged about that one) and Eileen was sooo awesome because that was like my 2nd week here.  She told me what everything dish was and how to use my chopsticks and so and so forth.  She was so helpful!!  Dexter is such a good kid and a great singer!!  I love when Dexter sits behind me at church so I can hear him sing.  One of the first Sunday's I was here he was asking all about churches in America and was so interested to hear that they are the same as here.  Isaac cracks me up!!  He may be quiet at times, but he is hilarious!!  He really surprised me when he did the "porridge scene" at the hospital for our Christmas outreach (whoops haven't blogged about that either).  He is very involved with the youth and worship by tending the Lord's Table on many Sundays.  There is also a daughter that is attending college in the states.  I haven't had the privilege of meeting her, but I hope to one day.

The Chong Family
This family is the main reason Gary and I never visited around on Sunday mornings.  They never really allowed us to :).  They were the first house visit I made when I was here all alone and they have been there for us whenever we have needed them.  Victor and Pearly own a computer store that keeps them extremely busy, but they do not let that get in the way of worshipping and serving God.  They were a big part of care group and are constantly having people over to their house or inviting people out to dinner.  Jun Ai is a dental student.  She finally got Gary to go to the dentist after several years and not listening to me (Thanks Jun Ai).  She is Chee Hoe's girlfriend and I hope they will let me know when the wedding is so I can do the videography (hint hint).  She is sooooo incredibly sweet.  Jun Ai loves working with the youth as well and helps Chee Hoe so much!!  She is a great Christian example and I can't wait to see what God has in store for the both of them together!  Jun Ai is very interested in SFT and wants to learn more and possibly become a trainer.  Jun Ning is a little bubble full of energy.  Just about every Sunday she runs up and gives me a big hug.  She asks how my week was and really cares about people.  She loves learning the Bible and is never afraid to ask questions or speak up in class (even when she is in the adult class).  They also have a daughter Jun Joy who is married to Patrick.  They live in Seremban and come and visit every once in a while. 

Esther (Yin Cheh)
When we first got here just about everyone called her Esther, but one night at care group she informed everyone that she likes to go by her Chinese name, Yin Cheh (pronounced: yin-cha).  So, I have really tried to call her that more, but sometimes Esther just comes out.  She is also a product of the LST ministry.  She is about to graduate from college and is planning on moving back home to Penang and do her master degree there.  We are all very sad that she will be gone in a couple of weeks, but so proud of her for accomplishing this.  Yin Cheh is such a good Bible student.  She was a very regular member of the care group and cell group and always has great input to add in both.  She would bring her friends and roommate as well.  We pray that Yin Cheh will keep this spiritual stride as she returns back to her hometown.

You know these two
We have learned so much from this small in number, but large in God's strength congregation.  They have a great mission and we wish that we could be here for the heart of it this summer.  We plan and pray to return one summer so we can see how this great ministry unfolds.  Thank you Wangsa family for welcoming us and treating us like your own for these few months we have been here.  You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers and we will thank God for you everyday. 

Love somebody today,


Becky Welch said...

I loved meeting your family! I know they have been a huge blessing to you as you have been to them! I have always said that I don't know what people do who don't have the church!

Gary Washer said...

Matthew's pic is the best and I had a cool beard.

Juliane McCorkle said...

Very extensive! Good job! It was nice to meet the fam!

Terry said...

How awesome to know so much about every member of the congregation. What a blessing they've been to you and you to them! We are eager for y'all to get back home, but we love seeing your stories of your time in Malaysia.

Hugs and love to you both from all of us!