Monday, August 2, 2010

We have something to tell you...

So, this is how Gary and I have been starting a lot of conversations the past 2 weeks.  I think it was the 20th of June when the first people found out besides my sister.  I was sitting in the hospital with my aunt and uncle (my aunt had surgery) and I thought it was the perfect time to tell them.  You will see why I wanted to let them know so soon later.  So, I say, "Well since both of you are here, I have something to tell you..."  We were planning on going home to tell my parents last weekend, but my mom decided to come up here and spend time with her parents before she started her new job.  We were just too excited to wait a whole week to start telling other people, so on Sunday we went to lunch with our friends from church.  We were eating with Jimmy and Sara (who already knew because Jimmy works with Gary), Brett (who already knew because he works with me), and Lee and Rachel (who were finding out for the first time).  Sara was running the video camera to get Lee and Rachel's reaction.  With the camera running we begin with, "So, we have something to tell you..."  On Monday I was at my friend Stephanie's house for our weekly Bachelorette party and I pulled the camera out pretending like I was going to video her son, who is by the way HILARIOUS and I did tape him for a while and then I said, "So, I have something to tell you..." as I pointed the camera up to Steph.  On Tuesday we had all of Gary's family over to tell them the big news.  After we had dinner and we were waiting for dessert to finish baking, I went over to Gary who was playing Mario Bros on our old original Nintendo, and asked him if he was going to be done for a minute.  He said "yeah sure" pushed pause and walked immediately to the kitchen because he thought dessert was ready.  I tell you what, boys are crazy.  After he realized dessert wasn't ready he went straight back to his game.  I had to spell it out for him practically!!  Anyway, so we went to the back to make sure we were on the same page and get the camera ready and then we said, "So, we have an announcement to make..."  Wednesday night I was at dinner for our weekly meeting at Cheddars with my Aunt, Uncle and their family and my Grandparents.  Remember my aunt and uncle have known at this point for over a week, so they are busting at the seems!!  I was going to wait to tell my grandparents after I told my parents, but my uncle had a different idea.  He says, "So, Kimberly don't you have some big news?"  Of course instantly my grandmother is interested so I say, "Yes, grandmother and grandaddy I have something to tell you..."  On Saturday as we are driving home I decided to call Martha and Beth because Beth was in South Carolina with Martha this past weekend and I knew they would be together.  I call Martha first and no answer.  So, I call Beth and she answers!!  I do a little chit chat at first and then tell her to put me on speaker phone because "I have something to tell them..."  Saturday night after we had dinner we were all sitting in the living room and we gave my parents 3 bags and in each bag was a hint.  They laid it all out and had to figure out "What we were trying to tell them..."  After mom and dad knew the phone lines were open to call the rest of our family and friends.  Grammy, Aunt Katie, Aunt Karen, Shanon, Magan, Nick and Rachael and the girls, and Rachel D.  On Sunday we went to a bridal shower for a girl I grew up with and we were able to tell everybody at the shower.  I was trying my hardest not to take the glory away from David and Maria, but my mom was just so excited she wanted to tell everybody.  The only people I haven't talked to yet are Nick and Rachael.  The last person I talked to was Rachel Donnelly and that was this morning.  I tried to call her last night, but she was already in bed.  She called me this morning and I as soon as I said "hello" she said...
"ARE YOU PREGNANT!!????"  and I said "hahahaha!!  No, we are MOVING TO MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

My company is expanding to Malaysia and they need people to go over there to train.  I am leaving in 3 weeks and Gary will be right behind me.  We will be there for 6 months!  We are also going to take advantage of traveling to different congregations hopefully spreading the work of SFT Awareness.  We are extremely excited for this opportunity and can't wait to get started!!  Please pray for us as we face this new endeavor! 

We plan to rent out our house fully furnished for the 6 months we are gone.  My uncle has agreed to take care of it for us!!  If you know of anybody that will be in Murfreesboro and need a temporary place to live between September and February let us know!! 

I will post all of the videos we have from telling everybody, so we be looking for those!

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