Monday, January 10, 2011

They say it's your birthday!!!

What a fun weekend we had!!  It was almost like Gary's birthday too because he got to be a part of everything that I did.  On Friday night I met him at Time Square (yes there is one in KL too) and we went to Tron at the IMax.  I promise we have seen more movies since we have been here because it is like the cost of one ticket at home for both of us!  We had already seen Tron in 3D, but we thought it had to be better since it was made for an IMax.  It was amazing!!!!!!!  I'm not a big computery, fake world type movie lover, but I thought this one was good...obviously since we went to see again.

They only sale caramel popcorn here.  It's quite good actually, but I do miss the old fashioned buttered down movie theater popcorn.

On Saturday went to the spa, which  you can see in the top left.  We had balinese massages and then I had a facial and Gary had a foot rub.  It was awesome and I was completely exhausted afterwards.  Once we got back to the room I just wanted to rest.  After a little while, Gary asked if I was going to get dressed.  I thought he had a big surprise planned for me!  Right as I was finishing getting ready the doorbell rings and Gary opens it.  I hear people singing and my first reaction was people from church came, but it wasn' was the hotel people!!  They brought us some cake, flowers, and wine (Blah don't like the stuff).  As you can tell though, the cake was a big hit!!!  Our room still smells lovely from the gorgeous flowers!!

That night we went down to Bukit Bintang (pronounced: Boo-kit Ben-tong) and ate at The Magnificent Fish and Chips
Yes, I stole this picture from the internet because I forgot to take one.

You can tell I look tired...that massage really did me in!!

Then on Sunday, we celebrated Gan's birthday (yes, I was wrong it's on the 9th, not the 7th).
We went to this awesome Korean BBQ place.  You go up to the buffet and get whatever meats, veggies, etc. and bring them back to your table and cook them.  Kind of like the Melting pot except buffet style, and there is a grill  (it's the black part around the pot).
It was SOOOOO delicious!!!!  The meat was marinated soooo good!!

Lots of mess afterwards!!

This is Ice Kacang (prounouced: Ka-chong)...Let me tell you about it...
It's kind of like shaved ice (yummy), but with a few different ingredients.  First, you add the "solid" ingredients.  Last night we could pick from cendal (prounouced: Chen-dal), red beans (yes, I said red beans for a dessert), 2 types of jellies (one made from some kind of leaf and the other I think is just a normal jelly) and then add the ice on top of that.  Then you add your syrups.  Last night we had a red, black, and creamy colored syrup.  The red and black ones were I think fruity type and the creamy was condensed milk.  There was also some crushed (very fine) peanuts.  Sharon made mine and it consisted of the black jellies, crushed peanuts, and all three syrups.  I'm just not brave enough to try the red beans in my desset.  I did have one of Gary's and I don't think it tasted too bad, but I'm not sure that I chewed it either.  Mine was quite good and I'm anxious to be more adventurous next time. 

This is the cendal.  Looks interesting huh?

The red beans.  There are several that have corn in them too...I just can't do it...remember this drink?  I think it was the same thing.

Then we had birthday cake of course!!

make a wish

Aren't they so cute!!!

and the son

The happy family!!!

It was a great birthday weekend and I'm glad I was able to share it with Gan!!!  Happy birthday January babies!!!


nat said...

Happy Birthday, girl! Glad it was a good one!

Candy said...

How fun!! Looks like you had a great time, glad you enjoyed it. Happy Birthday to you!