Monday, December 6, 2010


This past weekend Gary and I went to the island of Langkawi with Jonathan (from Nashville), Reen, Intan, and Frashilla (from work)!  What a fun trip!

We didn't get there until late, but we were all starving so we found the closest (literally) seafood restaurant to our hotel.  We sat right on the dock.

I know it's too dark, but it was so nice!

The next morning we went island hopping.  This is where we started.  I love those sailboats!

A big Sailboat!

A pirate boat?

Playing frisbee on the beach

We had a few visitors...
Wild Boars and...

Monkeys!!!  One of them took some cookies out of Jonathan's bag.  He ran off and up a tree and then all the monkeys followed him.  Later a brave monkey came further onto the beach and took two things from a girls bag when she was standing right beside it.  They are ruthless I tell ya!!

We did an eagle feeding!!  These pics don't really show how many there were out there.

The last island we went to was a lake called "the pregnant lady lake"
There were once again, monkeys everywhere

Even a different kind of monkey.  Gary said they have eyeshadow on.

Gary and I went out on the paddle boat and this Intan, Frashilla, and Reen on the dock.

It was a pretty lake

Can you see the pregnant lady laying down??

Then it was shopping because Langkawi is tax free!!!!

Check out the huge we did not buy it, but Gary sure wanted to.

Comparing to a normal size one.

Then the HUGE cigar...once again did not purchase!!

It was a short trip, but we had so much fun and we love the girls for taking us!!  It was so much better going with some locals that know where all the good spots are!!

Happy Island Hopping,


Juliane McCorkle said...

Ooooo! That looks like so much fun! We might have to go there when we get there!

Tabitha said...

Oh gosh that looks so fun! I love all the sail boats too! Glad you had a great time isaland hopping! What's up with those monkeys? I guess at first you are like awe but then after you are like really? I wanted to eat that cookie! Sorry Jonathan!