Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I want one!!!

As soon as you enter the wedding films site of Life Stage Films their wedding promo video plays. I want one!!! As soon as I have enough wedding footage I will have one. Oh what a day that will be!

Four Seasons Films

As I grow as a videographer, I enjoy pulling things from other videographers that I like. Four Seasons Films has fantastic quality to their films. I love how they make your wedding like a short movie! I watched several that they have on their website, however, I picked a favorite from them, http://www.fourseasonsfilms.com/lynette&ryan/. I can only think of one thing that caught my attention to this right off and that's the song! I love "I'm Yours" By Jason Mraz and it was supposed to be the song that Gary and I walked out of our ceremony to, but since we had the short rain fall the sound equipment was no longer there to play it. Needless to say, everytime I hear this song I am reminded of my own wedding, which only brings a smile to my face. This couple, Lynette and Ryan, look so in love and I love the way the camera captured their personalities!

Lorimer Works

Anton Lorimer of Lorimer works caught my eye very quickly. His work is remarkable. I have had a few emails back and forth with as well and he has been extrememly helpful with sharing his knowledge about this business. Below is one of his videos for you to enjoy. Anton is my role model as I begin this new phase in my life. I would say I have HUGE shoes to fill, but I'll make it.

Update on Doug and Katie

Since I am just starting out I haven't been able to quit my full-time job just yet, therefore, the turn-around time of the videos is taking me a little longer than I would hope for. Doug and Katie's video is coming along nicely and I will keep you posted when it's completed!


As I continue to learn how to work the whole blog system I have some how accumulated several different blogs. However, I have a become a one blog woman from now on. So, this is it ladies and gents...THE ONE!!!!