Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Psalm of Thanksgiving

At the beginning of the month our preacher challenged us to write a Psalm of Thanksgiving.  

Naturally, I waited until the last minute to do so.  On Monday, I decided it was time for me to write mine.

Where do I start?  What exactly do I say?  What is a Psalm?

So, I begin my research.  I found this website.  Read a few Psalms from the Bible. And prayed and thought about what has been on my heart lately.  

Here is my Psalm of Thanksgiving, which turned out to be more of a Psalm of Prayer.

Lord, You are MIGHTY and You are ALL POWERFUL
You show Your MIGHTY WORKS even when I am DOUBTFUL

Bringing my needs and wants to You in PRAYER
Can sometimes be scary and hard to share

But I know You hear the fervent prayer of the RIGHTEOUS
Whether it be in the darkest of days or the brightest

Lord, the smallest of blessings have been on my heart lately
They are soft, cuddly and we call them babies

Father, THANK YOU for bringing them into our lives
For those that are already here and for the ones set to arrive

But Lord, there are specific ones I want to mention
I want to lift them up to you and bring them to full attention

There are babies out there who need forever homes
They enter this world and immediately are alone

I know of some couples that want to show them how to LOVE
UNCONDITIONALLY, COMPLETELY just like you send down from ABOVE

Lord, please bless these families with the joy a baby brings
Because right now they have a hole in their heart that causes a constant sting

God, there are other babies who need your healing hand
They have diagnoses that I can’t fully understand

But God, I know and have seen Your MIGHTY WORKS before
I constantly knock and You open door after door

The capacity of your POWER is far beyond my understanding
And part of that is realizing that You’re never abandoning

Even if it takes a while for my requests to come to full fruition
I will not waiver in my faith, I will continue to be in full submission

It’s sometimes easy for me to wonder why?
But I just need to stay focused on the SWEET BY AND BY

Of course I had specific people in mind when I wrote this, but I know there are others out there that I don't personally know who are facing these same types of things.  

I am amazed what God has shown me in my short life on this earth and I can't wait to see what else he has in store for me to see through my faith!

Praise Him!  Praise Him when things are good.  Praise Him when things are not so good.  Because you know what?  God is Good!!  He is the one thing in our life that is constant, good and faithful!


As I travel today and throughout the rest of the weekend to visit with family, I will Thank Him for all of the good that surrounds me!!  

My Pawpaw who will be 90 in February.  My Grammy who tends to his needs day-after-day.

My Aunt Katie and cousin Bethany who take care of them when they can't do it themselves.

My Uncle David who sacrifices weekends and labors to help fix broken things at my grandparent's house.

My Uncle Jeff and Aunt Karen who teach children, not just about subjects in school, but through their compassion, how to be a better person.

My Uncle Jim and Aunt Bonnie who waited so long to find each other and show us such sweet love.

My Uncle Barry and Aunt Bridgett who have adopted 2 children and are fostering 2 others.

My Uncle Steve, who left this earth early, but I know will be there to greet us one day when we receive our eternal reward.

My cousins' Page and Brendon who, no doubt, give the best hugs!

Page's wife Mary Beth who has the best laugh and has brightened our family with her energy.

Brendon's girlfriend Hannah who I can't wait to meet.

My cousin TJ who has overcome a past of demons and is now studying to be a preacher.

My friend Christy and her husband Josh who are raising their 4 children in a Christian home.

My Mom and Dad who have loved my sister, our husbands and children unconditionally.  NO matter what we've faced they are there.  ALWAYS!

My sister Shelley who is the most selfless and compassionate person I know.  My brother-in-law Jared who loves with all of this heart.  My nephew Easton who is learning to love just like his daddy.

My husband Gary who is my rock.  My sweet Wren who brings joy to my life everyday.  My sweet baby boy that is kicking right now.

I know this is only a very small amount of my family, but these are the ones I will be spending time with over the next few days.

Thank you God for them and for all of my family and friends that bless my life on a daily basis.  I pray that everyone will be able to find JOY and PRAISE in their life always, but if not always at least for this one day out of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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