Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sleepover at the Sheraton

Gary and I wanted to do something fun with the  youth kids before we left, so we decided to have a big sleepover.  A few Fridays ago the party started at about 8:30! 

We ordered pizza

Some might have had eyes bigger than their stomachs

We played group games
Jun Ai had the right idea.  Use those glasses, girl!  At one point, Gary ran downstairs to get some of the other people that had arrived and I was the only one in the room without glasses on (Gary had his contacts in and the other 2 guys he went to get didn't have glasses on, but like I said they weren't there at this point), needless to say, they all could use their glasses for a prop for their paper...Jun Ai is the only one who obliged :).  If you're wondering what this game is...we picked a category (church people) and wrote a name on a piece of paper.  Then you switch with someone and put it against your forehead.  You have to ask yes or no questions in order to figure out "who you are."  It is quite fun and I did win!!!

A closer blurry look at Jun Ai!

We played several more group games like "I'm Going to the moon," a math game (tsk tsk if you just thought about how asians are good at math...don't worry Gary said that when they announced the game) that's not really a math game.  I'm not going to give it away in case I ever want to play with any of you.  The game we are playing the picture above is Bop It.  It is a new version that has really fun options like say it, pass it, etc.  For all of those Gilmore Girls watchers this was not used because we were bored or there was any tension :).  We also played "big fish/small," "who, what, huh?" and "ping piang ahhh" (not sure how to spell it) and then we played a combo of the three.  I think Jun Ning was going to add more, but it was getting too much for people to handle!! 

We had crazy fun camera time...

Our group shot!
Top: Jun Ning, Zach, and Hua Feng (I love his model pose)
Middle: me, Gary (watching TV), Jun Ai, Chee Hoe, and Idy
On floor: David and Samuel

Then it was time for bed...
Since there were only 3 girls we took the big bed and guys spread out on the floor in the living room.  I heard that they had a little trouble sleeping because there were snorers.

The next morning we got up and had pizza and whatever else we could find for breakfast!  Some went home and some of us went to the bread making fun at Gan's house.

It was a fun night with some super fun people that we are going miss greatly! 

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Becky Welch said...

I know those kids are going to miss you and Gary so much! What a blessing you have to been to them - now get back here so I can see you!!!!