Saturday, June 11, 2011

Malacca again and again

*Disclaimer*  I started this post before we left Malaysia so some of the timing is a little off, but I didn't feel like changing it :).
Gary looks really skinny in this picture.

Several weeks, I guess about a month ago or so, Gary went down to Malacca with Pearly and Victor.  They own their own computer store and they needed to make a delivery, so Gary tagged along.  If you remember, I went to Malacca when I first got to Malaysia with some people from work.  The above picture is from Gary's trip.  Pearly said she wanted to take this picture in front of the fountain to make me jealous that I wasn't there and I was at work. 

So, this means that Gary and I hadn't experienced this historical Malaysian town together.

Steven and Eileen Shee were going to head down there to run some errands the Saturday before we left for Singapore and asked if we wanted to come.  Of course we agreed.

We started the opposite way we both had the time before.  So, here is the fort. 

I had almost bought some prints from this guy my first time there, but I'm glad I didn't because he gave us a GREAT deal this time!!!  His name is Daniel and his art work is amazing.  You can come to our house, once I get the office redone and check it out!!  Thanks Daniel!  If you ever go to Malacca go inside the fort, that's where he was both times I saw him.

This is the inside of the old Christ church.  You aren't supposed to take pictures in there, but I casually and quickly grabbed my camera out of my purse and snapped a shot right before the authorities tapped me on the shoulder...jk about the authorities part.  It is a beautiful church and they still worship in it from what I understand.

This is the big water wheel and once we got off the boat tour it was actually moving.  It's really gorgeous in real life.

We were able to go on a boat ride, which neither of us had done the time before.  It was really cool to see the old houses from the water.  All of these houses on the main stretch (Junker Street) have now been turned into shops or restaurants.  
And then it started raining...(the story of our lives :))

We had to hang out under a bridge until the rain slacked up enough for us to continue.
In the distance you can see the big ferris wheel that's one of the attractions.  They also have a tall tower you can ride up and see over the town.  We didn't do either one of those.
Pretty bridge.
This is monitor lizard.  We saw several while we were on the water.  These things can be so big they look like small crocodiles.

This is a Buddhist Temple.

This is at another fort.  I proposed that this little alcove is where a man stood while everyone else was hunched down behind the wall and he would yell out where they needed to fire the canons.  There were little holes just big enough for a persons face on all three sides.  Once Gary stepped in he agreed with me!!!

Jonker Street is the main drag in Malacca.

This is Jonker Street.

This is what we had for lunch, rice balls and chicken.  Oh my stars it may not look good, but it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

Gary chased this man down to get this shot.  I really wish that all of these cars weren't in the picture and I'm not far enough advanced in my editing skills to take them out.  It's still a cool shot!

Gary took this picture for Chee Hoe because everyone was always giving him a hard time about his height.

Another view of Jonker Street.

We stalked these guys for a good little while to get this shot because our camera kept messing up.  I think it's super cute!!

This man makes wooden shoes to fit your foot.  I actually tried some on and if they were formed for my foot I could see how they could be super comfy.  We didn't get any though.

Dim Sum...YUMMY!!!!!!  There are just vendors all along the rode selling food and treats!

Malacca was just as fun the second time as it was the first time and it was probably even better because Gary and I got to go together!!  If you are ever in Malaysia you HAVE to visit Malacca.  It's between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, just in case you need to know :).

Happy Traveling, 

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Candy said...

Those rice balls look interesting. And love the shirt...Lisa Horst bought me one last year that said "I'm not short, I'm Elf sized" haha