Thursday, May 15, 2014

There's A First Time for Everything

It all started on May 11, 2013 when Gary and I FIRST became parents to our perfect little baby, Gwyneth Wren Washer.


My FIRST Mother's Day

Wren's First Manicure

Wren's FIRST fishing lesson

FIRST photo session with Shonta

FIRST bath (for Wren...not us)

First man in her life

First trip to Backwoods

First time to church

Gary's FIRST Father's Day

First Car Mechanics Lesson

First Cooking Lesson

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First Holiday Season

Mine & Wren's FIRST ACN Convention

FIRST sporting event (watching her cousin, Elizabeth, play volleyball)

FIRST piano lesson

FIRST laugh (7/31) - while I was changing her diaper
FIRST time to roll-over (9/16)
FIRST gun lesson (9/21) - Gary went dove hunting and showed her how the gun worked when he got home.
FIRST ride sitting up in the shopping cart (10/14) - Gary and I usually go to the grocery store together and when she was born that didn't change.  She usually does pretty good the entire trip, but sometimes I do have to let her start snacking before we make it to the check-out line.  Don't worry I still pay for everything.
FIRST crawl (11/26) - Thanksgiving week
FIRST spanking (1/2) - she was climbing on some metal chairs we had in the kitchen and they had already fallen on her once, but she thought they were so fun.  I finally had to smack that little leg and of course that brought on the awful cry face.
FIRST tooth (1/3) - felt that left bottom one coming in
FIRST step (3/19) - Gary and I decided her first step could only be declared when we both saw it & this is the first one we both saw...she was 10 months old.
FIRST tick (4/2) - during spring break her & her cousins spent a lot of time out at Granny & Pappy's (Gary's parents).  They live in the woods and when I was changing her clothes that night I noticed something on the back of her neck.  Sure enough it was a tick and she was champ while her daddy got it off.  I was a little proud because I grew up getting ticks all the time :)!
FIRST beach trip

FIRST fish fry - every year Gary's Pop has a fish fry and this year some of his family from Washington state was able to come.  The top right and the bottom are those family members.  The top right is Gary's Uncle Gary & Aunt Peggy.

FIRST time in Bible Class

FIRST time watching momma play softball

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It has been a great year and seriously I can't believe it's over.  It's been so fun watching this little stinker grow and watching my precious husband be a daddy!  He is the best daddy!!

Here's the final monthly picture & update

She's walking all over the place.  She started walking about 2 weeks before her birthday and hasn't stopped.  There's plenty of face plants, but girl just gets right back up and keeps going.

Everyone told us when she started walking she would start sleeping better, but that's a big fat lie in our house!!  This week has been awful with sleeping.  She just won't go to sleep.  Gary and I were both so tired Monday & Tuesday that we just put her in the bed with us, which doesn't help us sleep any better because she is like her momma and a WIGGLE WORM!!!  She doesn't lay still when sleeps.  She sits up, plops down, puts her feet in your face, puts her butt in your face, kicks you in the stomach, it's insane!!  So last night I just couldn't take it anymore and I thought let's try putting her in her car seat.  We have done this once before and it worked great, but now that she's older I wasn't sure how it would work.  I put her in there and went straight to bed.  I woke up sometime around 4.  I felt around and there was no little person in the bed.  Gary kind of woke up and I asked if she was still in her seat, but he had put her in her bed before he came to bed!  YAHOO!!  SUCCESS!!  I've said it before & I'll say it again you gotta do what you gotta do!!  She just won't sit still when it's bed time, but putting her in her car seat made her sit still and that was all she needed.  She had honestly been doing pretty good up until this week, so I think she's getting some pretty important teeth in.  She's been extremely stuffy lately!

She now has 4 teeth!  Those two top teeth finally came in!

Her new favorite thing to eat is pretzels.  The first time she had them was at her party because they were the tail of the bird cake.  Here's her and her daddy sharing some pretzels the other day...

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aren't they the cutest!!
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She can now show you how old she is!!  Here's the video!  I knew I wanted to teach my kids this when I saw another baby do it a few years ago!  It's the cutest thing and anytime I say her name now she just holds up a 1 because that's what she thinks I'm going to ask her :).

This past year has been one of the most exciting years and I'm even more excited to watch her grow & learn new things!  Gary & I love being mommy and daddy to our precious girl!  

Happy Birthday sweet Wrennie!  You make our lives so much more bright & fun!!

Your Momma

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