Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dressed by Daddy

Since we're not going the baby food route I've been anxious to see when Wren actually starts swallowing stuff. They say it might take a while, but you'll start seeing things in their diapers.  She's been eating tasting all kinds of foods, but she has still had the 'breast milk poop.'  Saturday morning, before the workshop, I was changing her diaper and there in her diaper was a solid!!  YAY!  She's swallowing!  This is awesome!!  I examine it a little closer, while plugging my nose because these things smell like nasty vinegar, only to find that it was not a solid piece of food.  Nope!  It was a piece of paper!  Her favorite time of the day is when we get the mail every afternoon when we get home.  She loves the sound of paper and chewing on it, so I should  not be surprised that the first thing in her diaper is paper :).  I usually get it away from her once she starts breaking off small pieces and it gets soggy, but I guess this one got past all of us.  At least we know she's learning to swallow :)!

Sunday mornings Gary and I have a pretty good system, even though it might not always seem that way because we tend to still be late for church, but we were late before Wren so we can't blame it on her.  I normally shower and feed Wren and then start getting ready.  Gary gets ready and then gets Wren ready.  I usually lay something out for him to put on her.  This past Sunday was no different, I laid out a dress she had never worn on her changing table and while I was getting ready Gary was dressing her.  He struggled a little bit with the tights, but with a little assistance from me step one was done.  He got her dress on her, her bow in her hair and into her car seat.  We dropped her off in her Bible class and then went to the auditorium class. After class, I went and picked her up and got settled into our pew for worship.  Before Gary got up to preach I lean over and whisper, "You didn't put her bloomers on under the dress."  He replys, "I didn't see any bloomers."  So, I don't think anything about it for a little while.  Then during the sermon it hits me!!  This is a new dress, the tags were still on it and the bloomers were still attached underneath.  So, I lift the front of Wren's dress to find the bloomers still attached underneath!  HAHAHA!!  I just giggled to myself ;).  I didn't pull them out immediately because I wanted Gary everyone to see.  Gary just laughed and laughed when I showed him.  I'm sure this is the first of many stories to come when Daddy dresses Wren!


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