Friday, November 1, 2013

6 months = game changer

Wren will be 6 months old on November 11th and everything that I've been reading/experiencing lately has me thinking she’s about to ROCK OUR WORLD even more!!  I’m so excited for all the new stages we get!!  She is becoming so much more interactive and now is when she starts a lot of new things like teething, eating food, crawling, etc.

Baby Center said she might be going through a growth spurt so expect a nighttime feeding again.  Wren has been a pretty good sleeper for the most part.  There’s been nights she hasn’t slept through the night since the beginning, but it was never a consistent thing.  However, the past couple of weeks she has been waking up at least once in the night and I figure it’s because of this growth spurt.  I never get frustrated because I tell myself it won't last forever, she's not necessarily screaming her baby head off when she wakes up and I can always drink coffee the next morning to help me through the day :), but it's definitely a change from what I'm used to.  The past couple of days she's been EXTREMELY STUFFY and the night before last she barely slept and when she did I had to be holding her or she had to be in the bed with us.  So, last night I decided to get creative after she woke up about an hour after I laid her down.  Instead of laying her back in her flat bed (or in ours because I’m not a huge fan of it) I sat her in her car seat.  I brought the car seat into our bedroom so she would be close.  She woke up one time and just needed her paci!  SUCCESS!!!  I’ve had friends and family who have let their baby sleep in their car seat, but this was the first time I had done it for the whole night!!  I think she was able to breathe better because she wasn’t laying flat and I also think she likes being cozy up to something, so the car seat allows that since it comes up around her sides.  I don’t plan on this becoming a consistent thing, but I did need to get some sleep last night and my motto is ‘you gotta do whatcha gotta do.’

At her 4 ½ month check-up the doc said she was growing perfectly and she would be fine to continue to only eat breast milk until she came back at her 6 month check-up.  So, now that the time is getting closer, I’ve started researching what I want to do as far as feeding her solid food.  I always thought, even WAY before she was born or even thought of for that matter, that I wanted to make her baby-food.  I had a friend that did (her baby is now 5 years old…WHAT?!) when I first got married and it seemed like a great way to feed the baby/save money from having to buy jars of baby food.  My sister went the jar baby food route and it worked great for them.  My friend Rachel Evans (sorry I have to always use last names with Rachel’s there’s just too many of them) homemade her baby food and I got a lot of tips while we were on vacation this summer.  However, after reading this blog post by my friend Rachel Kyle and remembering my friend, Sara, mention that she was going to try baby-led weaning (BLW) it really got me thinking.  Sara let me borrow her book and I just started reading it today.  It makes me excited!!  This is by no means a new discovery it's just that nobody really had a name for it.

Wren has always, for the most part, ‘sat’ at the table with us while we are eating.  When she was little we sat her in the boppy lounger
and she usually slept through meals.  I’ve been known to nurse her during dinner and now that she can sit up we’ve been putting her in her bumbo and sitting it on the table
during meal time and letting her play with chew toys (yes I know that makes her sound like a dog, but that’s truly what they are).  Just this past week I decided I wanted to put some food on her tray.  She got some yogurt bites and puffs (not sure that's in the BLW diet, but oh well) from the genius grandma’s at trunk-or-treat and then I threw some green beans up there too.  I might should also mention that Sunday afternoon at lunch I sat a puff of Preston’s in front of her and she had nothing to do with it.  The book says that she won’t start putting it to her mouth necessarily immediately, plus she’s not 6 months yet either which is when they suggest you start, but just feeling textures and smelling the different foods will get them getting closer to feeding themselves.
As you can see she just scooted everything off of her tray and onto the table.  I can already tell this is going to messy :). 

Just like I’ve said in many posts before, I never think there’s a right or a wrong way to feed your baby I just want to document things going on in our lives because isn’t that what a blog is for??

I’ve recently gotten a request to do a cloth diapering post as well, so be on the look-out for that.

ALSO, I have almost completed Feeding Baby Part 2 and should have it posted soon!!  These stories are awesome and I know it will help so many mom’s out there!

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