Monday, November 22, 2010

A Chinese Celebration

Even though we don't live in China (like some of my friends), we still get the priviledge of seeing a lot of their culture.  There are 3 major cultures that occupy Malaysia...Chinese, Indian, and Malay.  So, if you ever want to go somewhere that you can be very cultured, Malaysia is a great place!!

We were invited several weeks ago to a wedding celebration for Kin and Chrissy Lau's daughter, Rachel and her husband Weston.

I had been to a Chinese wedding reception the first week I was here (sorry never got around to blogging about it), but this one was completely different.  The other one was put on by the couple's church family, so it wasn't as elaborate as one that parents put on for their own children.  Rachel and Weston's gave us more of an idea of the traditional Chinese wedding reception.

YAMSING!!!  That is like Cheers in America.  After they did that on stage 3 times they then go around to each table (remember they had 27) and that table toasts them as well with YAMSING!!!  Everybody was just doing the same old thing, lets see who can hold it out the longest, lets see who can be the loudest.  Well, our table was the coolest of them all.  Instead of just holding Yam out loud and proud, we said, "Yam yam yam yam yam yam yam yam yam SING."  Oh yeah we were cool!!!  Gary and I even got recognized during Kin's speech because we came all the way from America.  Granted we didn't come all that way just for the wedding, but it just worked out that way. 

Rachel and Weston were actually married back in January.  However, since then they have had many celebrations for their unity.  They were first married at the courthouse (I think).  Then they had their American wedding, then this reception.  Thank goodness Gary only has to remember one anniversary!!! 


Us goofing off waiting on our ride to the wedding
I got that cute head band the day before!

Gary being silly.  I wanted to see if we could get a good shot of us with towers in the background from our room.

This is a red packet.  Instead of giving gifts, the Chinese just give red packets with money in them.  This was our very first one!  The traditional way to figure out how much money to give is depending on how much the family pays for the dinner.  You take the total it costs for a table and then divide that by each plate.

Gan and Christi - check out that slammin' shirt he got from the shop below our church building!

KC and Irene - KC is from Singapore and his family is actually still there while he is living here for 2 years for his job.  However, his lovely wife gets to come up and visit quite frequently which is plus for us!

Victor and Pearly.  This is the couple that first took me in!  They have 3 daughters.  One is already married and moved off.  We have met her, but the other two are precious and they have a little special place in my heart.

Sharon and Douglas and Zach.  It was very interesting the first time I met Zach because not only does he have an American mother, but he also went to Internatinal schools his whole life so he speaks very American (what I like to call it).  Sharon didn't even have to tell me which son was hers.  I already knew.  You know in America I wouldn't think anything about him sounding American, but because it's in Malaysia it seems really cool : ).  This is the familly we will be spending Thanksgiving with!!!


Juliane McCorkle said...

Haha! That's funny, we call it American too, because you can definitely tell a difference!

nat said...

Ha! Love it! Looks like ya'll had fun! Love, your BFF! Don't be hatin' Shelley!