Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why I've been MIA

We have had a lot of things going on lately and I'm sorry that I haven't been able to blog very much.  I usually do most of my blogging at work and I have just moved to a new position so I have been in training and trying to figure out what I'm doing.

Also, remember when I posted this?  Well, on Tuesday morning at about 4:45AM my phone rang.  It was Gary's mom and you could tell she had been crying.  She simply said, "I guess you know why I'm calling."   I didn't really keep you all updated about the health of Pop, but he slowly got worse over the last few months.  His heart was just giving out.  Gary and I went and saw him several times while he was in the hospital.  I would try to run up there after work a few days and check in on him before I went home because he was at St. Thomas, which is pretty close to downtown.  I guess it was a couple of weeks ago that they only gave him days to live.  The family made sure, even most of the ones that live in Florida, to visit Pop.  He would still tell his stories up until the last few days.  He was such a wonderful man and we all know that he is in a better place, but it's still hard.  I know I only knew him for the last few years of his life but he welcomed me into the family and never treated me any different than his own grandchildren.  He will be truly missed.  If you could say a quick prayer for the family and especially his wife Christine.  Christine is Pop's second wife after Gary's grandma, Martha Ruth, passed away in 97.  Christine also lost her first husband.  I obviously wasn't around when grandma passed and when Pop and Christine got married, but she too is part of the family and it has been really hard to see her go through such a big loss not only once in her life, but twice.  So, please make sure when you pray that Christine is mentioned as well.  We spent the last few days down in Pulaski at the visitation and funeral.  Pop was one loved man and there were a lot of people that came.

We are now on Lickskillet Rd in KY visiting Matt and Martha Riley.  Martha was one of my college roommates and she and her husband live on the farm!  Gary has to do a mission report at a church in KY tomorrow night so we thought we would head up here a little early and spent some time with the Riley's.  It has been a good day.  Gary's told Matt and Martha several stories about Pop and we have laughed a lot.

So, that's where we have been the last few days, weeks, however long it has been since I blogged.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gary Graduated!!

My handsome little husband finally graduated from college!!!!  He had a little bit of a detour in his younger days, which lead him to the degree that he has today.  He got his Bachelors in ministry with an emphasis in counseling. 

This is at the church party.

Gary and two other girls were college graduates

The college graduates normally get a concordance, but Gary requested a Greek New Testament (he got it) since he already has several concordances.  They also do a roasting session and Gary's award was...I married way out of my league and maybe even out of my universe...Hey I can't make this stuff up!

Here he is on graduation day!!!

With his oldest niece, Hannah

Getting his diploma

I even got a diploma...My PHT (Putting Hubby Through)

The graduating class of 2011 from Heritage Christian

with professors

Gary with his Pop Barlar

his parents, Tony and Delores
Gary's family from left to right: dad, Tony, me, sister Laura, Gary, sister Emily, niece Hannah, mom Delores, Pop Barlar

with his sisters Laura and Emily

with my family

with his Aunt Denise and Uncle Phelan

with my diploma


The two graduates :)

There was a little reception afterwards...

And then we partyed at our house that night...

Gary with his nephew, Christopher

Gary's diploma

Happy graduating,