Monday, September 23, 2013


Last weekend, Mom, Dad, Gary, Wren and I headed to North Carolina for a convention.  Gary, Dad and I were all registered and mom just came along to be the baby-sitter.  I’m not ready to leave her overnight yet, so I certainly couldn't do it for a whole weekend.  Even though I was away from her during the day it was nice to know that she was just 10 minutes down the road and I could go see her if I really needed to.

Gary and I started a part-time business to try to supplement my income so I can be a stay-at-home mom. Going to the convention just made us that much more motivated and excited!

We arrived in Charlotte on Friday around 1.  The convention began at 2pm.  Our hotel wouldn’t let us check-in until 3…so, we rushed around in their lobby bathroom and unloaded all of our things for mom to take care of while we went on to downtown.  Side note: I LOVED Charlotte!!  I would love to go back as a tourist sometime to check it out.   Back on topic: We were able to learn from some of the top earners in the company like Simon Abboud, Jennifer Dowd and so many more!!

After the speakers were done for the evening we headed to Aria for dinner with our team.  Of course, mom and Wren came along :).  I love showing off that sweet face!!

Saturday was a day full of AMAZING speakers!!  I did have to take a pump break after lunch, so I missed 1 or 2, who I’m sure brought down the house!!  Don’t worry I just had to pump-it-up in the car.  Thank goodness for car adapters!!  Once I got back to the convention they were starting promotions!!  Let me just say this was the most inspirational part of the entire weekend.  People like Todd and Erica Stottlemyer (used to play for the St. Louis Cardinals) and Max and Tia Knowles were promoted.  Max’s speech was the MOST amazing.  At one point he made it all the way to RVP and then his entire team quit!  He was a hot-head and was only in it for himself.  He had to start all the way over and was promoted to SVP right in front of our eyes!!  It was incredible!  He cried, I cried and I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the house!  That’s a lot to say for a convention of more than 20,000 people!!!  The final speaker in the main convention was our SVP Patrick Maser!!

That night our team, A.L.I.V.E., had a separate meeting where George Zalucki and Larry Raskin gave us tips.  Mom and Wren were able to join us for that as well!  Dad and I were on baby duty so that Mom could listen to the speakers!  What I did hear was, of course, incredible!!

Sunday morning we were able to close out the weekend with a few more speakers before we started our long journey home.  It was a great weekend and I’m soooooo glad that I was able to go!  We can’t wait until we can head to the next ACN International Convention!!

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