Thursday, September 19, 2013

All in the Family

A couple of weeks ago we went on family retreat!  This was Wren's first retreat and she was AWESOME!!

Friday night we got there and Gary did devo.  His topic was Family Feud.  He did a great job discussing how families in the Bible had feuds and related to us today.  After that, everyone did whatever they wanted.  They had a movie on the lawn going on, some people were playing corn hole and some of us were downstairs playing this really cool ping pong game that I can't remember the name of right now, but it's SUPER fun and I even won once!!

On Saturday morning we woke up and then started the day with a devo.  
Uncle did a great job with his topic of Family Matters.

It was pretty much free time until lunch

Wren took a nap...

We had a relay race.  It was a bunch of ladies and then Thomas Evans

Our beginning cheer
Our fearless leader

Relay 1 - The dizzy bat

Relay 2 - walk with the ball between your legs

Relay 3 - toss the frisbee in the target area

Relay 4 - ball jump...
His face plant didn't really effect him :).

Relay 5 - find the marble in the shaving cream pool

Relay 6 - Wheelbarrow

Relay 7 - 3 legged race
We didn't win, but it sure was fun!!!!

We also had a water slide that was SUPER fun!!  Even the babies Loved it!!
They also got some time in the kiddie pool!!

Before the afternoon devo, Mrs. Sherry and Big Boots did some Bible Hour songs.  Wren LOVES them!  She can't wait to be big enough to go into Bible Hour!!

Zack doing devo 


Then there was more free time... 

Saturday evening we had a talent show.  There were singers, yo-yoing family, jokes and...

They were hilarious!!!!
Here's Morgan and Elizabeth singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

There was also a battle of the bands
The Temptations
I wish everyone could have seen our elder, Doug Carlin, do the worm.  It was PRICELESS!!

The final talent was the gossiping girls from Hee-haw.  They roasted a few people in our church and at the very end they had a surprise announcement... 
hmmm is someone pregnant??
YES!!  KAREN!!!  YAY!!!

The remainder of the evening was spent however we wanted.  There was a bonfire with smores, more cornhole (of course) and then bed. 

I have a video of Wren waking up in the morning.  She just lays there and talks talks talks.  It's so sweet, but I can't get it to load.  I'll try once I get home today :). 

Braden preached for us on Sunday morning and did a phenomenal job.

We had such a great time on Wrennie's first retreat!   

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