Saturday, June 2, 2012

3 years and counting!

I hope this is always a tradition!  That we take a few days just for ourselves every Memorial Day weekend.  It works out quite nice that we got married on Memorial Day.  It gives us a guaranteed 3 day weekend around our anniversary every year.  We went to Daytona Beach for our honeymoon, South Carolina for our 1 year anniversary (never blogged about that, but we have video :)), Chicago last year and this year we decided to keep it a little close to home and save some money.  So, we packed the car with all the essentials for a fun-filled camping experience.  

Gary picked me up from work Thursday afternoon and we headed out to Cedars of Lebanon.  I was a nervous wreck the whole time that we weren't going to find a spot to camp, but no worries we did!!  We actually camped right beside the site we camped last time I was there.  It was a gorgeous and HOT 2 days!

When we got there Thursday evening we set up the tent, searched for firewood and then made my favorite new recipe, Bacon wrapped chicken shish kabobs!  They marinated for 24 hours and MAN was it delicious!!  Every one around us was eating hotdogs and I felt like a queen with my meal!  We didn't do anything too exciting our first night there, just hung out by the fire mostly.  

Friday morning we were woken up by the neighbors who had 3 young children.  The kids were pretty good, but the 2 year old would get a bit cranky.  They were actually packing up to leave as Gary was cooking our country ham and eggs breakfast.  We then changed into our hiking gear and hit the trails, well really just one 

trail because it was the longest one.

Things that happened on our 5 mile hike (we caught this all on video, but it won't let me load it :( ):

We came upon a cave...

A dried up creek with stairs (not man made)...

A huge hole that went into the cave...

A bug flew and smacked me right in the face.  It must have left him unconscious because when I looked down he was in my shirt.

Then it smelt good down my shirt.  That bug must have had some sort of perfume that came from it because I hadn't showered :).

After the hike we just kind of snacked and then we decided we wanted to go see the avengers at some point.  Before the avengers happened, Gary wanted to gather more wood for that night.  As he was gathering he came upon an old road that looked like it used to be the campsites.  There were decapitated tables all down this neglected deserted road.  It felt like we were living during the zombie apocalypse.  I tried to get Gary to act and use his imagination, but he wasn't into it...don't worry I still acted :).  

We went and saw the afternoon viewing of the avengers.  One of the things I was most looking forward to was sitting in a freezing cold movie theater for a couple of hours.  We all know that movie theaters are always freezing.  So, Gary and I got our tickets, our snacks and our 3D glasses and headed into the theater.  Right as we hit the entrance the warm air smacked us in the face.  HOLY COW it was burning up in there!!!  I was a little disappointed, but once we got seated and settled it really wasn't that bad, but the other family that was in there with us was complaining about how hot it was too.  

We both loved the movie!!  We hadn't seen all of the other individual movies so we will probably watch it again once we have seen all of those and get more out of it.  We headed back to the camp site and played cards, Gary finished a book and then we got ready for dinner.  That night we had italian sausage and macaroni salad...once again YUMMY!!!  Another family had moved in next door and what do you know they had a 2 year old as well.  Both families were really nice and they had really good kids, but it would have been nice not to have to hear them whine every once in a while.  We stayed up later that night because Gary got more wood and he just kept burning it and kept burning it!  

Saturday morning we got up and ate bagels for breakfast and then loaded the car and hit the road.  It was really nice to stay close to home because we had a short drive until we could relax again.  It was a perfect get-a-way for us!  

Our new plan is to try and camp at all of the Tennessee State parks!!  Wish us luck!!

Happy Camping!

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