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Wednesday Oct. 20 - East Godavari District Malkipuram

Before we headed out Dharma told Gary were some people who probably going to be baptized today.  So, Gary was prepared to do a session on salvation.

I loved this sign!!  I mean come on it has pink on it!!

The first session Gary talked about the Pain Cycle to all men and women.
There were many new faces, but also many familiar faces from the Narsapur workshop.

Once again they honored us with garland.

This is the day that "our chef" had just showed up out of no where!  What a great man!

I had been eyeing this baby, so before the ladies class started I asked if I could hold it.  The women there were so willing to let me hold their babies, which I am thankful for.

This man said the prayer before the ladies class started.

This is actually the first time I have ever taught SFT so I was a nervous wreck.  I didn't even know I would be teaching until we ate lunch.  I have heard the material countless times, but it came to me actually delivering the message my stomach started turning.  However, Jyothsna was by my side and she was so encouraging and it actually ended up being pretty good.  God definitly took control and helped me that day.

All the ladies.

While we were in the church building the men went down the road to a member's house.  This was the session Gary spoke about salvation.  He told a true story that happened to him.  I don't remember the exact details of the story, but it goes something like this:

One Sunday Gary was preaching at a local congregation back at home.  A guy he knew from his past showed up for worship.  After worship they started talking and he confessed to Gary that he was ready to change his ways.  They set up a Bible study for later that week.  However, the guy didn't show up for the Bible study.  Gary was so disappointed because they way the guy made it sound on that Sunday morning he knew he was going to be there.  Later, Gary found out that he was killed in a car accident.

Remember I was not in Gary's class at this moment because I was teaching the ladies, but from what I heard from everybody it was a very touching lesson.  I imagine that Gary went onto say that we don't know when we are going to die.  Our life is like a vapor, we are here today and gone tomorrow.  Teja told me later that Gary got very emotional and so did many of the men in the crowd.  Like I said in an earlier post, Gary just amazes me everyday.  I wish that I could have heard this lesson first hand.  Gary did tell me about it later.  I love to see how God works in his life and how he has given him the ability to speak so well.

After the ladies and men's classes were over we drove down to a river for some ladies to be baptized.  The below picture is them giving their confession.

Gary was so blessed to help with these baptisms.  He was honored that they asked him.

The whole group (minus Jyothsna and Teja who are the picture takers).  What an uplifting day to have 2 new sisters in Christ!

This couple is newlyweds and expecting their first baby!  We said a prayer for their babya and I wanted to get a picture with them because I thought they were so cute!!  She is a beautiful pregnant woman
On our way to Teja's dad's house in Gondhi village.

Out by the pond.

It is extremely hot in India and they drink coconut water to cool them down.  Well, I HATE coconuts!  I love the smell of them like in the sunscreen and lotion form, but I DO NOT like the taste of them.  I am just pretending to cheers with Gary here.  I think I took one sip and I was done.

I'm pretty sure this is me telling Gary that I hope they don't give me a coconut because I can't drink it.  I didn't want to offend them by not drinking it.  They weren't offended and didn't make me drink it!  Whew thank goodness.  Drinking that stuff doesn't cool me down.  It makes me sweat!!

I'm searching for good skipping rocks to throw in the pond.  Still a kid at heart!!

This is the same baby I held the day earlier.  He was so happy because he had that pen to chew on.  If he ever dropped he lost it. 

Doesn't he have a beautiful complexion.  Makes me look so white!!  Over there they want to be white and we want to be dark.

I guess I didn't get the memo that we weren't supposed to smile.

Us with Teja's family!!  What a good looking family!  They all live right there close together and we actually went to several of their houses that night too.  It was dark so we couldn't really see, but they live in such a beautiful place!!

This is us up in Teja's room.  I love Sirisha creepin' in the back. 

The four of us!  Come on Gary you can smile better than that!!

Teja's dad, Gary, me, and Jyosthna.  Sirisha creepin' again!

Us on the back balcony of the house.  It was so pretty out there.

After we got done with tour, Jyosthna took me on a scooter ride.  It was sooo fun!!  At one point she asked me if I was scared and I said I wasn't and she asked why and I told her that I trusted her!  I thought she drove great and I loved it!!  I'm sad we didn't get any pictures of it.  I guess my memory will have to be my pictures!

So, I have a funny story about this outfit.  I put it on that morning and noticed that it was a little tighter around the hips than the other outfits I had, but after Gary said it looked fine (sweet husband) I didn't worry about it.  I Went down to breakfast and sat down and...It ripped in the crotch!  I'm pretty sure my eyes got really big.  I leaned over to Gary and told him the news.  He asked if it was big and I told him I don't think so.  After I thought about it I decided that since my dress was down past my knees I wasn't going to worry about changing because the hole would be covered.  Well, from that point on everytime I sat down the hole ripped bigger and bigger.  When Jyosthna told me we were going to ride the scooter my first thought was "I can't lift my leg over that thing because everyone will see my hole."  So, I sat side sadle, just like a local!!!  It was such more of an adventure than stradling because I had never riden a bike side sadle before.  Once we got home that night Jyosthna asked if we wanted to freshen up before dinner and of course I said YES!  I wasn't even going to give them that outfit to wash because I was so embarressed.  I gave it to them anyway and expected them to say something about it the next morning.  To be continued...(in later posts)

After I changed I went downstairs pretty much immediatly.  Everytime they would take us back up to our room they would always tell us to take our time and rest if we wanted to.  Well, Gary and I would just get really bored and go down within a few minutes of being up there.  We loved spending time with them!!

We had left our flowers in the car so Nimala wanted to honor me again.

Oh yes that is 4 garland around my neck.

Then I had to share when Gary got there.

I love this girl!!

I told them every night how much I loved their night gowns, so Sirisha gave me one!

The next day we looked at these pictures on the computer and the girls both told me that they didn't turn out good.  Once I saw this one I was like it's really cute, but a little blurry.  And then...

HAHA I'm like transparent!!

I'm not sure what's funny here, but I still love this picture!!!  I can just hear Jyosthna laughing!!!  I loved to hear them laugh!!  We did a lot of that throughout the week!

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