Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Week of Celebration!!

Gary and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary May 25.  We really celebrated from May 21- June 1 because we were off work and just hung out together. 

We were able to go to South Carolina and stay in my college roommates apartment up there.  Her and her finace are getting marred June 12, but they already have an apartment there, but neither one of them are living in it yet.  So, Gary and I went up and worked out the kink for them (ac, shower knobs, drain, etc.).  We are so blessed to have friends that let us crash their place for a little mini vacation.  Thanks Matt and Martha!

We went to South Carolina on Monday.  Tuesday we went to this super cute state park (Hunting Island).  There was a beach, walking trails, and a light house that we were able to climb.  I have video that I will post later.  That night we went out to eat with Matt (martha's fiance.  He is stationed at Parris Island, which is why they are moving to South Carolina after they get married).  He took us to "Dock-side" which is where they filmed part of the Forrest Gump movie.  There were shrimp boats that looked just like the one in the movie (pre-crash :) ).  I had coconut shrimp and Gary had Grouper.  It was delicious and I think our favorite place that we ate.  OH and I tried Oysters!!!!!!!!!  I tried one on a cracker with cocktail sauce and all I could taste was the sauce.  So, I wanted to be brave and try it without and you know what it doesn't really have a taste.  I can tell why people don't like them because it has to be more of a texture thing.  Don't worry I got that on video as well :).  Wednesday we just hung around close to the apartment because Gary had to work on his sermons for Sunday.  So, while he did that I unpacked some boxes for the almost newlyweds.  Then we went and checked out downtown Beaufort.  It is super cute and right by the bay!  That night we went to eat with Matt again and then to church.  Matt attends a small but super friendly church!  Thursday we pretty much got up, grabbed some breakfast, and headed home.  We were a little ready to get home and just relax.  Sometimes I feel like going somewhere is more tiring than just staying at home.

Saturday we had Gary's dad's 60th birthday party!  It was soo much fun and he got some great stuff.  My favorite present he got was the blown up picture of him when he worked at the Grand Ole' Opry dressed up like a woman for Halloween.  He had some old friends there and he told some great stories! 

Sunday Gary preached at Mars Hill Church of Christ in Murfreesboro.  Sunday morning we brought in some guests.  They are a church of about 45 on a good day.  The morning that Gary preached the attendance was 65!!  He did a great job on self-worth in the morning and Josiah for the evening service. 

Sunday night we ate dinner with some good friends from church at Highland.  Right in the middle of one of Gary's stories I scream out "I JUST REMEMBERED I GET TO MEET ABBY TONIGHT!"  Abby are our friends dog and it just hit me like a ton of bricks that I was about to meet her because we going over to their house.  She is absolutely precious and it makes me want one, but I know we don't have time for one. 

Monday Gary made turkey bacon and eggs and I made cinnamon toast.  It was a great breakfast.  Then he hung out with his friend Brett and I hung out with my friend Rachel.  Rachel and I went swimming at her in-laws.  It was fun and relaxing.  Rachel is a great friend and I love hanging out with her!!  That night we went to a guy's house from church ate burgers, toured his new home, and hung out.  Then Gary and I left there to go to another families house from church to watch the Hockey game.  The guys watched the whole game, but us ladies got sick of it and played some games with their son.  It was so much fun and I learned some new games!! 

Tuesday / June came and the fun ended!!!!!!!!!!!  I had to go back to the real world.

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