Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20 Billion

It would take 20 billion dollars to give everyone in the WORLD clothing and water...

Americans spend 20 billion dollars on ice cream a year...

The other night when Gary said that statistic in Bible class I about fell out!!!  Yes, I have to admit that I have had ice cream since then and when I think about it I get sick to my stomach.  For me to have been to India and see some of those people who need that food and water just hurts my heart. 

It's getting to be time for everyone to start eating more ice cream as it gets warmer outside.  I don't want to put a damper on your springtime celebrations, but just think about this and maybe we can think of something better to do with our money then spend it on ice cream! 

P.S. If you didn't catch that I am totally talking to myself as well!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Last night I was laying in bed and my dad texted me that Leo Deck, a man we used to go to church with when I was growing up, had passed away.  He has three sons.  One Shelley's age (Stephen), one around my age (Andrew), and one younger than me (Kevin).  I was just amazed because I didn't even know he was sick, well he wasn't sick come to find out.  My dad said he went to church yesterday morning and then after church his wife, Judy, decided to go do some shopping and when she came home he was on the bathroom floor.  I know this is not the best way to start to your morning, but I just want everyone to send up a little prayer for this family because they were not prepared for this.  I honestly don't think anyone is ever prepared for this, but when it is so sudden like this it scares me.  They think he had a massive heart attack. 

Make sure you tell the ones you love how much you love them all the time because seriously we never know when something might happen.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I know I keep making these false promises of WONDERFUL and MARVELOUS posts to come, but I really do promise that they are coming.  Malaysia/Singapore is still fresh on my mind, but I just don't have the free time in America like I did there.  ALSO, we don't have internet at our house right now so that does put a little hinderance on the blogging time as well. 

Just to give you a little update on our post Malaysia-ness... The first full weekend we were back (Feb. 25th-ish) we had Christmas with my mom's extended family.  It was PERFECT.  Yes, we have pictures, but I just don't have them because our camera wasn't there.  My dad even wore a Christmas shirt!  The following weekend we had Christmas with Gary's immediate family at our house so duh I put my tree up.  Granted I didn't pull all of the ornaments and such out, but it was a pre-lit tree so it was good enough.  Once again, PERFECT! 

This week started out pretty good, I went to watch the Bachelor with some of my friends Monday night and when I got back to Ranger Joe (my ford ranger that used to be my dad's that has been through A LOT) would not start!  So, I spent the night with my friends and thankfully my friend, Martha, has a brother in El Savador for a few months so his parents had an extra car.  Oh yeah because Gary's car was in the shop too.  So with Ranger Joe dead and Thunder (Gary's thunderbird) out of commission we had nothing.  I tell ya I have no idea what people do without church family!!

Therefore, we are on the hunt for a new car.  My friend, Rachel, is helping out a lot with the search and hopefully in a few weeks I will send Ranger Joe packin' back to AL and I'll be driving a four door car with power seats, windows, A/C, great gas milage, and automatic (please not another 5 speed in Nashville traffic) transmission just to name a few qualities I'm looking for.

Thankfully, Ranger Joe is back in action after a battery cable was just loose.  Gary did look at it but it was dark and rainy so the mechanic actually diagnosed him.

We have one more Christmas to celebrate this weekend with my immediate family.  Bring on the hot cocoa drinking (even if it's warm outside), Home Alone watching, game playing, story telling, laughing until we can't move-ing on!!! 

Merry Christmas (still),