Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to Wellington for the SFT Workshop

We arrived back in Wellington on Friday night just in time for dinner.  We were staying with some of Jared and Rachel's friends that attend the congregation where we were holding the workshop.  Carl and Adeline Cumings are AMAZING!!!  Adeline's family owns a Malaysian restaurant, so we were soooo excited to go eat there before the workshop started!!  It was DELICIOUS!!!!

Once we finished dinner we headed to the church building to make sure Gary was all set up for the workshop.  Carl was so helpful and anything Gary (or even I) needed he was on top of it immediatly!  Everyone was so excited for the number of people that were there throughout the entire weekend.  Of course, just like any other workshop or meeting, Sunday morning was the most attended.  However, we were incredibly pleased with how it all turned out. 

Here's the crowd on Sunday morning:

Gary did the worship and the Bible class.  Rachel and I went upstairs and did a kid Bible class so the parent's wouldn't have to entertain them for another hour.  It was a lot of fun and those kids were super smart!!  I wish that I would have gotten pictures of them because they were beautiful kids!!!

Our only group picture from the whole visit :).

After church we did a little more Wellington site seeing before Jared and Rachel had to leave us.
This is a Catholic church that you can tour.  This is were Carl and Adeline got married...GORGEOUS!!

This is the Bee Hive.

Super awkward shot!! 

Gary and I stayed the night with Carl and Adeline and we went to another congregation with them that night and then over to the Moore's (Kevin Moore was one of my teachers at Freed and his wife was my aunt's friend) and had a going away party for a couple that had been living there, but was moving back to the states.  It was nice to get that last little hoo-ray before we left too :).

Group Photo

We then went back to Carl and Adeline's for our last night in New Zealand.  Kevin then came and picked us up super early to catch our flight.

We had a great time while we were there and we can't wait until our next visit!!  We have both stayed in contact with people there on a personaly level and Gary on a professional one (SFT). 

Thanks for reading all of my posts about New Zealand!!


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