Thursday, October 27, 2011


Gary and I had a mini stay-cation this week.  We took off Monday and Tuesday and pretty much just did whatever we wanted to.  Tuesday became craft/hang all of the things on the wall day.  I feel like we got so much accomplished.  We Gary hung curtains, shelves and hooks. 

We added this shelf and decorations above our couch in the living room.  This picture is a bit blurry, but it's way cute!!  The great thing about that shelf is we can hang our stockings on it for xmas :).

I worked on a little crafty project I have wanted to do since I saw the picture on pinterest.  It was a little time consuming, but I love the way it turned out and I'm pretty sure I might try this on a couple of other windows!!  Our back door (aka side door) has had these nasty blinds on it for sometime.  They are all torn and crooked and it just looked horrible, so I made a roman shade...
At night it looks really good, but during the day you can see through the black fabric a little more than I liked, so I might have to tweek it a bit soon and just add more black to the back side...we'll see.

Here it is pulled halfway.

Then an up close shot.  It looks pretty good huh?  The lady that has the how-to did a great job!!

We also took this stay-cation time to watch as many scary movies as possible!!!  It all started on Friday night when we went to see the new Paranormal Activity.
I'm not sure if it was the fact that we were in a crowded theater with screaming teenagers the whole time or that it just wasn't as scary, but I thought this was the least scary of the 3.  Also, there were parts that were shown in the trailer that were not in the movie...3 big parts!!!  If you have seen it, do you know what they are? 

Some of you know that Gary and I live off of watching movies and TV shows from the internet because we don't have cable or even the basic channels.  However, we do not suffer in the entertainment department because of websites like you tube and hulu.  This week hulu is showing a lot of classic scary movies, in celebration of halloween I suppose, so we have watched at least one scary movie a day since Friday (key words: at least one).

We watched 3 Michael Myers movies.

The original Halloween (the first of the slasher movies).  Halloween 4 and Halloween 5.  We would have watched the others, but they weren't available.

Zombie movies get me everytime!!
We watched Day of the Dead and the original Night of the Living Dead.
The crazy thing about these two are the quickness of the zombies.  The night one they are super slow and you can pretty much walk amoung them, but the day one they are speedy and can chase you down in a heartbeat!!

We also watched the original House on Haunted Hill.  I think I have seen the re-make, but I can't remember.  However, I hated how this one ended.  It was a little awkward.

We are still watching the scary movies and I can't wait to see what we decide on tonight :).

Happy Haunting,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm a sucker for a great video

I have always had the desire to do international mission work and living in KL for 6 months definitely got my feet wet.  But when I see videos like this one it makes me yearn for it. 

I don't know this group, I have never heard of them and I have no idea what church they are affiliated with, but what they are doing is so inspirational.  This video is amazing and it puts my life into perspective so much.  Life Stage films always amazes me, but this one astounds me.

The part that is my favorite, that part that made my heart and eyes burn is when they wash their feet and put a fresh pair of socks and shoes on them.  I honestly feel that the best way to show servanthood, especially in poorer countries, is washing their feet.  This gives me hope and deteremination that one day, I too, can provide such a thoughtless thing for us, but oh so meaningful thing for them.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Hobby Lobby here I come...

I won some money at the end of the quarter and it finally got delivered to me today!!!

I can't wait to make some awesome things that I have found on pinterest.

Oh don't worry, there's more that this came from!!!

Happy Purchasing,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Greg and Annie Wedding Trailer

Not sure if everyone knows what I do on the videography!!!  This is a trailer I recently completed.  Let me know what you think!!

This couple is so sweet! They are laid back, easy-going and totally in love!

I have known Annie longer than Greg, but I remember the first time I met him and saw how they interacted, I knew that she would never let him go.

Annie's family loves Greg and Greg's family loves Annie. This wedding was so easy to find the sweet moments because everything that was happening around me was just that.

I hope you enjoy their trailer!