Friday, June 20, 2014

Does my hair really matter?


I got mine cut.

Like. A LOT!

I was stressing over it and wondering what people were going to think. 

I cried.  I made my hairdresser cry (sorry Nichole). And I asked people to only say kind words.

Of course everyone has been kind and I can tell those people who don’t really like it because they just don’t say anything.  And I’m ok with that.

But here I am worrying about my HAIR.  Hair?  Really?

The stuff that sits on top of my head.  The stuff that everybody most people have.  The stuff that grows back.


When I woke up this morning I got on Facebook to read the kind comments that people were saying about my new do.

But then I saw it!

I saw that sweet baby.  That sweet baby laying in a casket.

The first time we went to India this family took us in.  They fed us.  They clothed us.  They were our family!

We keep in touch the best we can being oceans apart, but knowing they are going through this major loss and not being able to hug them.  Stand with them.  Just be with them is killing me!

I ache for them. 

I can’t sympathize with them.

I can’t imagine what they are going through.

I can only pray.

Have you realized that’s what it always comes back to?

How do people that don’t believe in God ever survive?  How do they make it through the tough times? 

Who do they confide in?  Who do they pour their heart out to?

I am Grateful.  Grateful we have a God.  Grateful that he hears our prayers.  Grateful that he is now kissing this sweet baby!

Please pray for this family, my India family. 

We love you Teja and Sirisha!  We are praying for you and wish we could be with you!
We miss you very much and hopefully God will bring us together again soon.



Debbie Phillips said...

You have such a pure heart! I love that you realize that there are bigger things in the world to worry about rather than our hair. I love you, your hair, and your heart! Praying for this sweet family overseas!
Love you,
Debbie Phillips

Unknown said...

When we think of our brethren in India our perspective on our own problems change considerabley. You have great a kind heart Kimberly. Speaking of perspectives, my daughter Mandy donated her hair a week ago just like you and you're both beautiful ladies. The great thing about hair, for most women, is that it's a renewable resource. Lol!

P.Dharma Swarup said...

Thank you kind Sister for Ur kind Words.We all comforted a lot with Ur post.Regards to all and Both of your parents.We always remembering Ur kind love.We firmly stood because of SFT training.I always say i have three daughters.You are the main among three.We love Ur comments.Regards to my friend Gary Washer.We all praying for Ur visit.Kindly remember SFT and Kingdom work is more than my bundles of heavy pain.Bless us.Pray for us.Thank you kind Sister.You are BIG blessing to my family.