Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Final Answer

So I made my decision on which prize I wanted...drum roll please...The Flip Ultra HD!!!  In black of course!!  I am soooooo excited I want to email the lady everyday and ask if she has ordered it and maybe even get the tracking number so I keep up with it myself!!  I can't wait to carry it around with me and be able to whip it out at moments notice and just get on video whatever I am watching!!  This is going to make for some great entertainment ladies and gents!! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Prizes

So, I have to make a decision between the following two products from winning the quote contest.  Well, there are actually 3, but the 3rd one is IPod Nana and I don't really want that since I already have an IPod.  So, my choices are...

The Nikon Coolpix S4000http://www.nikonusa.com/Find-Your-Nikon/Product/Digital-Camera/26202/COOLPIX-S4000.html


The Flip Mino HD or Ultra HD
http://store.theflip.com/en-us/products/MinoHD.aspx or http://store.theflip.com/en-us/products/UltraHD.aspx

I am headed to best buy tonight to play with both of them to see what I would like to have the most!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inspirational Quote Contest

A month or so ago we received a company wide email telling us about an Inspirational Quote Contest.  I actually didn't even read it because I figured it has nothing to do with me since I'm not a sales rep, but man was I wrong.  My friend asked me if I had read it and I told her I didn't.  If you don't know me very well then you don't know that I LOVE quotes!!  I have a quote book at home that is full of quotes I see or hear and I jot them down really fast!  So, I went back and read the email and I knew that I had to enter some quotes.  Each person could enter 2 quotes and they wanted the quotes to be inspiring to you and about teamwork.  I was sure I had some quotes at home that were about teamwork, but I didn't want to wait that long to enter the contest.  I began looking on the internet for some great quotes.  I found a few that I liked, but one that stuck out to me was one by Henry Ford, "Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success."  We then had to explain why this quote inspired us, which was pretty easy to do since I have been on teams practically my whole life and can account to this.  I first talked about how inspiring Henry Ford was or still is today. 
A few weeks ago I received another email telling me that my quote made it to the finals.  There were a few select executives of our company that were going through all of the quotes from each service center (Nashville, San Fransisco, Denver, Dublin, and Singapore) to narrow it down to a handful to then push back to the employees to vote.  The voting lasted a couple of weeks and then they announced the 2 winners yesterday at our company mid-year meeting.  I wasn't expecting the winners to be announced in such a large setting and I wasn't expecting it to be yesterday.  You know how when you know you might possibly have to stand up in front of big crowd how your heart starts racing and your legs get jittery.  Well, that's how I felt.  Mike Smerklo, the CEO, was announcing the winners and the first one up on the screen was MY Henry Ford quote!!!!  At this point I'm really shaking because he didn't announce whose it was until after he posted both quotes.  Then he made us walk up to the front in front of 400 people and get on stage and do a Victory cheer.  Now I love being in front of people and being the center of attention, but that was a little past my comfort zone!  It was my peers!  Needless to say I had to lead the cheer because the other guy was more timid than me.  I hope to find out today what I am getting.  I seem to remember them saying we would receive an IPod or camera.  I'll keep you posted!  Also, our quote is getting posted very largely (is that a word?) on the wall at our office!!  YAY!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Drive-In Movie

My mom, Alora, and Adeline came into town the weekend I got back from camp.  They let me have my Friday night and Saturday morning to catch up on sleep and take care of some things I had to do and then Saturday night we were supposed to go to the drive-in to see Toy Story 3 (that would be my 3rd time to see it and 2nd time at the drive-in).  However, it started raining that afternoon and even though it was supposed to clear up by the time the movie would start my mom and I were just not feeling it.  So, we made a little drive in at our house.  My cousin Elizabeth came over and spent the night too.  Mom and I went to Red Box and got a couple of movies (in case we wanted to stay for the double feature ;) ) and some snacks.  We popped popcorn got out all the blankets in the house and mom even "went out for concessions" (the cooler with the drinks was in the back of her car) and got everyone's order.  However, we all decided to have a little fun with the Mac before the movie started.  Here are a few shots for your viewing pleasure!
We are all so vain staring at ourselves instead of the picture taker!


Please notice how the phone makes it's rounds.  The girls were talking to their mom!  Adeline is on it..
 Adeline still on it


Rollercoaster!!  Alora is on it!!  They didn't skip a beat with the pics!

What a fun night with some fun girls!!

My Slammin' Tats!!

Wednesday night, I don't know what happened, but it was like everyone kind of got bored and decided that they were going to start drawing on each other.  Well, really only one or two guys drawing on everybody.  However, we got some slammin' tats out of it!!

Please keep in mind that these were taken in the middle of the night in a completely dark cabin so I have no idea where I am pointing the camera until the flash goes off.  Some of these are a little crazy!

My cute little flower tattoo on my foot!

The snake wrapped around the sword on my forearm.  I think I told Adam I wanted something like on my lower arm to wrist and this is what I got.  All the up to my inside arm pit!  However, it was pretty awesome!!

The bottom of the sword and snake.

Death Before Dishonor is what was in the flag on my wrist!

My Battleship displaying my 'BIG GUNS!'

 Shanon's tank displayin her 'BIG GUNS!'

This was the best of them all...the purple unicorn spitting out a rainbow from his unicorn!!

Thanks ADAM!!!

It was how big??!!

There is a front porch on the girls cabin that is a haven to some of us.  We have Bible classes out there, we have evening devotionals out there, and we escape from the smoldering heat of the cabin to dress ourselves up for the evening activities.  Not this week of camp!!! 
Let me start from the beginning...well, it actually all started in the bathroom inside the cabin on Sunday afternoon I believe.  Deonne was in the bathroom minding her own business when out of no where a wasp comes swooping in and stings her 4 times on her arm THROUGH her t-shirt!!!!  Then when she tries to defend herself he takes down her finger too.  Then Shanon and I are trying to have Bible class on the front porch on Monday and we are not able to because wasps keep swarming.  Tuesday afternoon Deonne is sitting on the front porch and out pops another orange booger and gets her two times on her neck.  That is a total of 7 stings for Deonne!!!  2 of the summer workers head straight up there to survey they area  and they find...

A wasp nest!!  Oh no, but not just any wasp nest a MONSTER wasp nest.  Here was it's perimeters...5 nests wide and 3 nests deep.  That is the equivelant an ant hill reaching your door knob on the front door!!  Don't worry though we had some macho men come to the rescue!!

Adam really tried to put his mean face on!!

I'm sad I didn't get any of them in action, but just imagine them using the badmitton racket that is over Sean's (the one on the left) shoulder to swat at them and then the cans of wasp spray to get them while their down!!  It was quite the scene!!  

Sorry for the blurriness, but this is ONE of the many nests knocked out.  It was squished open and all those little white things are eggs just waiting to hatch and kill us all.  I officially hate wasps.  What are they good for?  I can't wait to get to heaven and find out why God made some of the things he did!

Just a little something sweet!

Shanon was a trooper having her little girl, Lily, there all week.  She had to entertain her while we were all trying to get ready for dinner and worship.  This is them reading Cinderella in the SUPER HOT cabin!  Don't they both look so content!! 

Oh camp..ahhhh(sigh, not scream)

Sunday afternoon Shanon and I left for camp a little before Brint and Lily because we had great plans to get there, claim our beds, and catch a few winks before the rest of the camp showed up...NOT!!!!  Well, not that the last sentence was a joke, but that we weren't able to because of all of the excitement when we got there.  We didn't stop at the mess hall for social hour, we went straight up to the cabin, found our beds, and COULD NOT sleep because it was SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!  There were a few girls in the cabin already because we had a group from Texas and a group from Florida come in the night before.  However, they were not the problem for lack of nap, but the blasted alabama humidity was!!!
After we got over the fact that our plan didn't work out the week went off without a hitch!  There were about 5 or 6 baptisms and a hunk of restorations.  Here are few pics from the
I didn't realize until after I had taken the picture that my camera was zoomed in, but we both really ended up liking this one!!  This is Deonne!!

The full face.  I actually like the eyes one better!  Much more intimidating!

Some of the Senior Girls!

We're hard core!!

The Junior Varsity on their way to play the Seahorses in volleyball.  They must have not been too intimidating because........WE WON OH YEAH!!!

Sunday Morning...Bible Class

From what I understand Lily and 2 other little girls from church head straight to their Bible classroom after worship to play tea party or whatever else they can come up with.  This particular Sunday was Bible Class.  When Shanon and I walked up and peeked in the closed door we just knew we had to snap some shots of this.  Lily is the teacher... 

This looks like "Baby Shark," but I'm not sure if that's what it was or not.

Lily was a little upset with her students here, but she settled down and they seemed to have a pretty successful Bible class! :)

Oh the places you will go...

I left last Friday right after work to head to my friend Shanon's house.  Before I was married I used to go down there the weekend before camp and just hang out with her family.  It was just like old times except that we actually had plans when I got there.  I got there at about 7:15 on Friday night and nobody was home.  So I let myself in and since she has 3 kids I thought it would be nice to help her out and pick up some things so that when they got home they could just focus on packing for camp.  They were grateful and surprised!  The next morning I hung out with Barrett and Kason (her soon to be 2 year old and her just turned 1 year old).  Why I didn't get pictures of them I have no idea!  Their Nana and Granna came and got them for the week while Brint, Shanon, Lily (their 3 year old) and I went to camp.  After the boys left we went to our friend Miranda's daughter's first birthday party.

   Karsyn the birthday girl!!

Her Birthday cake

Blowing out her first candle with Mommy!

The fruit basket that Shanon cut and melon balled herself!

Lily is so stinkin' funny!  These are all the ice cream toppings! 

She really cracked herself up when she put that hat on sideways!

We had such a fun time at Karsyn's birthday party!!  After we left there we went and saw Toy Story 3 (Lily calls it Stoy Tory!).  I had already seen it at the drive-in, which by the way I didn't get pics of and I don't know why because it was mine and Gary's first drive-in EVER, but it was just as good the second time!  I wish I would have taken pics of Lily's face in the movie.  She loves 'big movies.'

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Daytime Cross Dresser siting

WHY?????!!!!!!  Do Shelley and I not have fancy phones with picture taking capabilities???!!!! 

We are in Florence, KY for a wedding this weekend and we ran to Wal-Mart to get some tapes.  We are walking through the electronics section and Shelley is walking on my right side.  I'm looking all around for the tapes and when I look to my left there he/she is.  Standing at a whooping 6 foot something, long grey stringy hair in a low pony tail, and a bald spot on top.  He has a sweat band around his head glasses on his wrinkly face.  Moving down past the shoulders, is a black feminine top that's tight on the top and flowy on the bottom.  He has on booty short denim shorts with a little leg peaking through before you get to the thigh high black boots.  The boots were pointy toe and high heels.  I was in the middle of telling a story when silence came over me and I turned to look at Shelley to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.  We then proceed to stare again just to make sure.  We circle back around to get another peak and he is gone.  I find my tapes, pay, and Shelley asks if I was sure that it was a he.  I said YOU HAVE TO SEE HIS FACE, so the hunt began again.  I told Shelley that if we find him we are going to get a random person to get a picture and text it to us.  We had no luck finding him again :(.  Here are some pictures of what his outfit consisted of: 
If you watch Gilmore Girls you will recognize this guy but this is what the man looked like without the facial hair.  Please imagine the following articles of clothing on his body:

I hope that you are able to get this full picture in your head. 
Sorry that we don't have the actual picture but this is the best I could do. 

Friday, July 2, 2010


Heading off to church camp for a week so I won't be able to blog!!  I'll update you when I get back!