Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A look back...

5 YEARS AGO...(yesterday)

Gary and I went on our very first date!!!  We went to Famous Daves to eat and later went to Steak and Shake for some milkshakes.  He actually asked me to give him a kiss and I turned him down, but then he came back and said, "It's my birthday!  Now give me some sugar!"  Yes, he stole his first kiss!  So, by now you have noticed that this day is not only special because of our first date, but also because it's GARY'S BIRTHDAY!!!!  Let's step back in time and look at us over the years...

While we were dating and I lived at Freed.  He came to visit.
We have been to Gatlinburg 3 times...
We always go right around Christmas (hence the xmas trees)

Our First Christmas together
Man we look so young...and skinny!!!

Our first V-day together

Gary's first (and last) Makin' Music

Gary's first (and last) Riverboat

We've been to a few Titans games...
This one was on Christmas day!

I love this picture from Mr. and Miss FHU

I graduated college

We got engaged!

We got married!

Gary went to Costa Rica

We went to Malaysia,




and many other places.

Gary graduated college.

These past 5 years have been amazing and I'm thankful that I have Gary in my life.  Happy 5 year first day anniversary...oh...and Happy Birthday (yesterday).


P.S. in case you are confused I started this post yesterday and just finished it today.  Sorry for the delay and confusion :).


nat said...

Happy Birthday to Gary and happy first date-iversary to you both. You make a good looking couple, kid! Congrats and love ya!

Anonymous said...

Happy 5 year together anniversary!!! I can just see/hear Gary say..."now give me some sugar!" LOL. I am sooo glad you two went on that first date!! So happy to have you as friends and see all your dreams together come true!! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

And I love how in the frist picture Gary actually has a smile!! : )

Candy said...

You guys are such world travelers! Happy 5 years! :) Andrew and I will celebrate 10 years on the 14th! Wowzer!