Thursday, January 12, 2012

My new husband!!

For those of you who don't know, Gary was growing his beard and hair out until the end of the year.  At first it wasn't that bad because it was still kind of cute...
This was how long it was in November.

But once December hit, I was done with the facial hair!!!

Here he is the day before he got it cut last week.
Do you notice that his mustache is covering both of his lips??  Try kissing that!!

This one is a bit scary!!
He enjoyed fluffing his beard out!!

and flipping his mustache up!!

And this is what he looks like now!!
No, he isn't posing.  He's just laying on the floor watching TV and I got this pic.  I decided you could see him better if I didn't turn it sideways :).

He looks sooooooo much better and the morning after I woke up and was shocked at how stinkin' cute he was!!!  I just rubbed his face and told him how handsome he is!!

I love my new husband,

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