Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Final Wedding


Some love them.  Some hate them.  Some plan them.  Some avoid them.

I. LOVE. Them

I didn’t really start loving weddings until after my own. 

I remember the very first wedding I attended post marriage.  It was 2 weeks after Gary and I got married.  It was a girl I grew up with at church and I bawled through the entire thing! 

The words, they meant more. The details, I actually noticed them. 

I love weddings so much I decided a few years ago to purchase a nice video camera and start a small business on the side.  It allows me to tell a story.  Your story.  Your happiness.  Your love.

I love to video weddings, but I also enjoy going and being a guest.

Signing the book.  Picking a seat.  Chatting with those around me about how I know the bride and groom.

I will be attending my third wedding in 3 weeks this coming weekend! 

2 weeks ago I videoed a wedding for a girl at church 

This past weekend Gary and I hit the road (baby-less) and attended a friend’s wedding in east Tennessee

This coming weekend Wren and I are hitting the road to attend a wedding in Arab.

When I was in college I didn’t go to many weddings because there were just too many!  I hated feeling like I had to pick one friend over another friend.

But now, if we are available we do our best to make it to weddings that we are invited to.

The Bride. The Groom. The bridal party. The flowers. The cake. THE UNION AND THE HAPPY EVERY AFTER…Oh it just makes me giddy!

Don’t Miss It!  That was the title of Sunday night’s sermon.  Wayne talked about Heaven.  He talked about how we will all get new bodies, the custom built house that God is preparing for us and the opportunity that we will have to visit with Bible characters! 

His very last point. THE WEDDING.

The UNION of Christ and His church.

Where will I be on that day?  Will I be videoing it?  Telling someone else’s story?  Seeing their happiness?  Their love?

OR will I be a guest. Watching from my seat.  Telling others that I know the bride and groom.

OR will I be among those that will be called the BRIDE OF CHRIST?  


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