Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rough Draft

So, Remember how I have a new nephew coming in August?  Well, Laura's shower is next Sunday and Aunt Kimberly is definitly showering her with some gifts.  I saw this post from my friend Ashley a while back and knew that I had to make something like for Benjamin.  I would keep it a complete surprise, but I don't think Laura reads my blog much because they don't have internet at their house.  However, if she did see it I would still be ok with it since I hope to have it finished in a week. 

I actually saw this on a friends facebook from the baby she just had in April.  So, I drew a quick sketch and took a picture so that I could remember how it looked once I get the canvas and paint colors and also to see if I could even draw it! 

The original

My sketch

I think I can do it.  Yes, we already know when he is going to be born because Laura has to have a C-Section.  I've already asked off work and have my seat saved in the waiting room (ok jk about the waiting room)!  I want him to grow inside his mommy's tummy so he will be a beautiful healthy baby, but I"M SOOOOOO READY TO HOLD HIM AND SQUEEZE HIM AND KISS HIM!!!!  Aunt Kimberly loves you Benjamin!!!

Happy spoiling,


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! This is going to be super cute!!

nat said...

That's adorable - when I have a baby like 100 years from now will you make one for me?

Ashley said...