Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clue #5

I gave Gary his 5th and final state clue this morning on the way to church.  Once again, he said this one does not help him to figure out where in the round world we are going :).  I'm a lot better at this than I thought!

In this state, Michael is the top name chosen for boys and Emily is the top girl choice.  

We are constantly talking about baby names and I'm always giving him names to think about.  This fact just only seemed relevant to add since we already talk about these things anyway.

From now until Thursday (the day we live for our trip) the clues will be facts about the actual city we are going to!  

Like I have said for the last 4 clues here, here, here, and here please don't post your guesses on here, but email or facebook me personally and I'll let you know if you are correct.  My uncle has already guessed it :).

Happy guessing, 

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