Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A little overview

I have to get a cord to connect to the computer from the cameras we took with us this weekend.  Our camera decided not to work and thankfully I thought about grabbing Gary's parent's cameras before we left.  I'll give you just a quick overview of how it all went down...

I got home on Thursday afternoon and Gary's parents were already at the house.  I forgot to tell them that I hadn't told him yet where we were going.  Well, at this point he still thought we were driving and the fact that they were there was kind of confusing him.  However, they did have to drop their cameras off and then they were just hanging around.  Well, right before we left, I gave him his final clue.  I took pictures as he opened it to get his reaction because someone had suggested I do that, but I forgot that I married a man with no emotion, so the pictures just look like he looking at a piece of paper (HAHA).  The boarding pass was in the last envelope.  At this point, he realizes why his parents are there.  We stopped by Waffle House for dinner and hit the airport.  We were on time and had plenty of time to spare.  However, our plane was not showing up.  Come to find out our plane was coming from Baltimore and they had really bad weather, which meant that our plane was delayed about 2 hours.  Good thing I didn't have anything planned for that night.  We got to our hotel about midnight.  I spoil the whole weekend yet because I have lots of pictures to go along with it, but here a few just to get you interested.  These pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't great quality, but Gary's dad's camera has some great shots on them and I can't wait to show you!!

The Chicago Theater

YUMMY YUMMY Chicago style deap dish pizza!!  MMMHHHHMMMM

Gary isn't much of the poser for the camera so I had to try really hard to get a good shot of him eating it.  We loved it and on our last night we got some delivered to our room :).

I'll update you more later with lots more pictures!!

Happy Day,


Anonymous said...

LOL...I thought later about Gary not realy showing much emotion, but we can always hope that one day he will! : )

nat said...

I guessed Chicago! Great city - hope you had fun!!