Friday, May 20, 2011

I love living in Nashville

Friday's are a little hard to focus at work...ok ok...everyday is a little hard to focus at work, but the guy that sits behind me usually takes walks around the block a couple of times during the day to get outside and away from his desk for a bit.  It only makes sense when you aren't a smoker to go outside and get some UV Rays every now and then.  Who says you have to be smoker to take 'smoke breaks?'  Well, today's 'smoke break' consisted of a little more than a walk.  The normal 'Cam Route' (Campbell is the guy that sits behind me, Cam for short) is down church street, turn right onto...well let's just see a map

You might have click on it to make it larger, but you can maybe see that our work is on the corner of 4th and church.  So, he goes right out of our building onto church, right on 6th, right on union, then right on 4th, until he comes back the side entrance on church. 

I have taken this a walk a few times with him and some others, but nothing has happened like today.  Everytime we pass the Hermitage Hotel (see map below)

I always talk about how beautiful it is.  Well, today there was some action going on over there.  There were girls in matching dresses with bouquets (clearly bridesmaids), men with digital and video cameras, and once we reached the front door of the hotel the bride comes walking out.  She was tall skinny, blonde, and beautiful.  Nothing too uncommon had happened thus far until Katie (a girl that was on the walk) says, "Hey let's go down and turn behind TPAC today."  As we are about to cross the street (still on 6th) I notice that the camera man that's across the street isn't a hired wedding videographer, but a Fox 17 news guy.  Then the wondering begins.  There were a few people standing there taking pictures where we were and they informed us that Seal and Heidi Klum were at this wedding.  Excuse me?!  What?!  "Yeah!" the girl said, "They are doing a reality show where they help people who weren't able to have weddings 'the right way' the first time renew their vows with a big shabang.  This couple wasn't able to have their wedding because of the flood last year.  Seal and Heidi are renewing their vows with them."  HOLY COW!!!  What a time to take a 'smoke break!'  You can read more about all of this exciting news here, here, and here.

Since our new route consisted of walking around TPAC we passed the Plaza, where the ceremony was being held.  Since I'm completely obsessed with weddings, of course we had to walk over to see what was going on.  We climbed the stars and this is what we saw...

Yes, I know this is not the greatest picture, but I had left my camera/phone at my desk, so I was relying on Cam to take the picture.  I already gave him a hard time about how you can't see anything, but click on it to make it bigger :).  There were people all dressed up walking by going to the wedding.  It made me all giddy inside and excited for this happy couple!!

I am now IN LOVE with Seal and Heidi!  I love what they are doing for people! 

Happy stalking,

P.S. We might take another trip around the block in just a few minutes :).


nat said...

HA! That is great! Seems like I read something about them doing this. Glad to know your trip turned into an adventure.

Juliane McCorkle said...

That is soooo cool! I didn't know they had a show like that. That's precious!