Monday, May 23, 2011

Clue #6

Good Monday Morning!!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We sure did, it was busy, but good!  In case this is your first time seeing the clues and you would like to catch up please click on the links below to find the first 5 clues:
Now for today's clue.  In case you forgot, yesterday was the last state given clue and today starts the first city clue.

The first animal purchased for this city zoo was a bear cub, bought for $10 on June 1, 1874.

While living in Malaysia, Gary and I watched a lot of Discovery Channel and they have shows about people who have been attacked by wild animals.  Well, while staying a Gary's grandparents a couple of weeks ago we had access to the Discovery Channel again and while we got ready for Gary's graduation there was a show on about bear attacks.  I have seen black bears several times while in Gatlinburg or other places, but have never felt threatened by them.  On this show they showed a black bear attack and they made sure to let the viewing audience know that black bear attacks are rare, but they do happen.  When attacked by a grizzly bear, most people know, that the best way to end the attack is to play dead, however, with black bears the only hope you have is to fight back.  Man-oh-man does that scare me to death!!!  Not that I plan on seeing any bears anytime soon out in the wild, but Gary and his friends go camping a lot and I fear that they might run up on a bear at some point, so on the bottom of this clue I put the fighting stratgies for each bear!!  Now, all of you readers know in case you are ever faced with this danger!

Sorry to be so serious about this for a minute, but it scares me!!  Anyway, I thought this was a super interesting fact because of how cheap the bear was.  I have no idea how much zoos pay for animals today, but I'm sure it's more than $10.

If you know the answer or have a guess feel free to email or facebook me!!! 

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Juliane McCorkle said...

Your clues are cracking me up! You ARE good at this!