Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clues #8 & 9

Since I started this clue giving last Wednesday if I only did 1 clue a day I would have ended up with 9 clues, but I didn't want to end up with 9.  So, today ON OUR ANNIVERSARY is double clue day!!!!!  YAY!!! 

In 1905, this city's baseball president filed charges against a fan in the bleachers for catching a fly ball and keeping it.

The game of 16-inch softball, which is played without gloves, was invented in this city.

Today was sporty facts!!  Even though Gary is not necessarily the most into sports guy out there, I have to keep some of my roots and include some facts about sports!  So, this gives him a double chance today to figure out where we are going on our anniversary trip!  Tomorrow is the last and final clue and the day we hit the road or the air (he doesn't even know if we are flying or driving :) ).

If you need to catch up here all the other clues:

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