Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clue #4

Happy Saturday!!  We have a full day ahead of us...I have a hair appointment (more on that later :) ), nephews b-day party, VBS taping, and another birthday get-together for a friend's birthday tonight.  Busy busy busy!!  However, I didn't want to leave anyone hanging who might be a weekend blog reader.  I'll be honest I'm usually just a 'during the week blog reader and poster,' but this guessing game I have going on calls for a little out of the norm posting.  So, I forgot to give Gary clue #3 until this morning, so I just bunched it with clue #4...

Square dancing is this state's state dance

This may give it away for some of you, but once again if you think you know, please don't post your answers on here (even though I have the ability to let it be seen or not since you have to get my approval, but it still scares me like he might see it something).  I don't want to give Gary any more help than he is already getting.  I'll tell you Gary's first reaction when he read this was, 'Is it North Carolina?'  I smiled and said, 'I don't know?' 

Happy guessing, 

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Singing Pilgrim said...

I just found your blog from APW, and am delighted to find you're a fellow Christian!

What a cute idea to use little clues for this. I hope you have fun wherever your trip is! :)