Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Since we had the stats update this week, I thought today I would give you a tour of my blog.  Some of you may not know what everything means, neither do I :).  I am still learning everyday and when I look at other people's blogs I find things I want to put on mine.  So, lets start at the bottom and work clockwise...

  • 'Home' - will bring you back to the most recent page of blog posts. 
  • 'Older posts' - will take you to the most recent posts that aren't on the first page.  This will appear at the bottom until you have reached the very first post on this blog back in Feb. 2010.  Wow, I didn't know I have had this blog for over a year!!  Happy late Birthday, Blog!! 
  • 'Subscribe to posts' - says this...'When you subscribe to a feed, it is added to the Common Feed List. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs.'  I'm not exactly sure what all of that means, but you can click there and research it a little more if you would like to find out :).
Moving on around up the left side of the page...

  • My Blog list - A list of a few people that I follow.  Everytime they update their blogs their name moves to the top and shows how long ago they updated and the name of their most recent post.  Even though I have a dashboard when I log in, this blog roll might be useful to readers who don't have a blog with a dashboard.  They can come to my blog and see if some of their other favorite blogs have been updated recently!

Above that we have Archives...

  • The archives- this keeps all of my posts together with the year and month they were posted.  So, if you want to look back at an old post rather than scrolling to the bottom and hitting the older post button until you come to the page you are looking for, you can search for the post title in the archives.  Take note that when you click on a different month or year than you are currently in, it will reload the page so you will have to scroll back down to the archives in order to see the section you chose.

The next picture features 2...

  • At the bottom is a Widget I added.  Everyday the Quotes Change.  I love quotes!  I even have a quote book :).
  • Above that is a little snip-it of my profile.  Just so my readers can get to know me a little better.
Up we go...

  • Feedjit (Live Traffic Feed) - I saw this on a this blog and I knew I just had to have to it.  I love knowing where people are from who come to my blog.  This is probably one of my favorite things on my blog!
  • Search this Blog - You can type in a topic or if you can remember the whole title you can type that in too, but this will bring up all of the related posts on that topic.  This is the newest feature of my blog and I saw it first here.
Now we are to the very top...

  • Go Into All the World - That is what I decided to name my blog when I heard we were going to live in Malaysia for 6 months.  The top left is a picture of Gary, while we were in India, he had the priviledge to assist in 6 baptizms.  No, Gary is not wearing a skirt.  It's called a lungi (loon-g-ee) and Indian men wear these.  The middle picture is also from India.  The little girl I'm holding was a neighbor of the family we were staying with and she was 'my girl' while we were there.  Her name was Pandu and she was sooooo cute!  By the last night I finally got her laughing and interacting with me, since we couldn't understand each other we used a lot of hand movements and grunts :).  The top right is, once again, in India.  While I was teaching a class inside the church building to the ladies, Gary was outside praying with the men.  The man to the right of Gary is Prabhu Doss, his translator, and the guy kneeling in front of Gary is the preacher of the congregation we were at that day.  They are praying for the boy standing up.  The big picture on the bottom is of some of our church family in Malaysia.  This was actually taken when Gary had first gotten there.  I was in Malaysia a whole month without him, but once he got there is when the college students started coming back from break.  This picture was taken at the homecoming party the church threw for them. 
Around to the right...

  • I put the KL time on my page when I saw it on this blog.  Everytime I talked to someone from America I had to explain the time difference or vice versa when speaking with someone in Malaysia.  I keep it there now just because I like it and it reminds of that fun time we had while overseas!
  • SFT Awareness - This is the ministry my husband, Gary, works with.  I wanted to make sure that anyone who may stumble upon my blog not only can read about me, but also my husband.  He has come such a long way at such a young age.  He inspires me everyday and I know he has done a lot for so many people.  There is a link to the website and if you would like more information about what this ministry is and does.

The last picture...
  • Daily Bible Verse - I added this gadget the same day I added the quote of the day gadget.  I honestly thought I would read both of these more than I do, but I don't look at my own blog very much.  I see the posting page, the dashboard, the stats page, but I end up spending more time on other people's blog pages than my own, so this Daily Bible Verse is for you, readers.  I hope that you have gained something from the verses that have gone across this screen!
  • Followers - Another one of my favorite parts!  I love my followers!  I love to just click and see who all follows me every once in a while.  I notice when I get new followers!  You guys are the best and if any of you have a blog that I have not found please let me know what it is.  I would love to return the favor of following. 

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my blog and you understand why I have what I do on here.  Some for me, and some for you!  Let me know what you think and what your favorite gadget is on here.  Also, for you fellow bloggers, what are your favorite things about your blog?  What would you recommend me putting on mine?

Happy Touring,

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