Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Dreams Come True

As I was sitting and sipping my wonderful coffee that my wonderful husband made for me this morning, I couldn't help but notice which travel mug I was drinking from.  My regular to-go coffee mug was accidently left at work, so we had to reach way back into the cabinet this morning to find one with a matching top so another and completely horrible accident didn't happen on my drive into work.  I couldn't get over how wonderful the coffee was tasting, but on top of that I was viewing friends pictures on facebook and noticing how much fun they were having on their dream vacations!  Yes, that's right Disney World ladies and gents!!!  My sister and I went after I graduated college and it was truly a dream come true.  I once heard a girl tell her husband that he will never really know her fully until he experiences her at Disney World, it was actually this couple right here.  Her husband ended up surprising her with a vacation for one of their anniversaries, I think.  There used to be a video out there of him telling her, but alas it's gone.  Anyway, I just wanted to dream about and reminence on my 2007 Dream Vacation!!!  I think I'm going to agree with Tera on this one, that Gary will never fully know me until he experiences me at Disney World.  We did go to Universal Studios on our Anniversary, but that's not the same as Disney World, where the magic happens!!

The morning coffee mug that brought about all this dreaming!!

Sadly, this is the only mometo I have from our trip at this moment.  I searched for pictures of our trip, but I couldn't find any.  Just imagine being there and you will know what I'm talking about.

Happy Dreaming,

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