Monday, May 23, 2011

Lost in the mail

Have you ever sent someone something that never reached them?  Well, on January 4, 2011 (that's the date on the check) I gave a letter and a check to the hotel concierge at the Sheraton and with the address to my sister's house in Arab, AL on the envelope I trusted that within a week or two she would receive the mail.  Well, weeks came and went and we discussed the check not arriving several times when we talked on the phone, but then after time went on we both kind of forgot about it.

This morning, Jonathan, the other guy that was in Malaysia with us, came by my desk and handed me an envelope with my sister's address on it and stamps from Malaysia gracing the front. 

I looked at it and back at him and then back at the envelope.  He said, "Do you remember Roy from Malaysia?"  I said, "Yes."  He replied, "Well, he gave this to me."  I just non-chalantly said, "Oh ok" and then turned back toward my computer and then stopped and said, "Wait, did you go to Malaysia?"  He chuckled and said, "No, Roy is here and this got sent back to the office over there so he brought it with him."  "OOOOHHHHHH!!!"  I replied.

It was kind of fun to see a letter that I had written while I was there.  Of course since this was in January it was towards the end of our stay, which meant I was a getting a little homesick.  The letter is really funny!  I talked to my sister, if not everyday, every-other-day.  So, there were not many things that I didn't tell her.  However, in this letter you can tell that I'm a little upset about one event that happened...

I know you can't read this so I'll tell you what it says.  Towards the beginning of the second paragraph, yes I write my letters in paragraphs (dork right?), it says that I'm missing the little comforts from home...for example...we went to Burger King yesterday and I really wanted some onion ring sauce, but they don't have it here.  Then I rambled about how places like that should be the same no matter where you are.  Then I remembered when we were in India for Christmas and went to McDonalds that they only had chicken burgers on their menu because of the Hindu population.  The P.S. is another favorite part of mine.  It says, "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls by TLC just came on my grooveshark :)."  Gotta love that returned mail that reminds you of what you were experiencing right then and there!

In case you were wondering, I did put my parents address as the return address, but since I didn't put USA on either address I'm guessing it never made it out of Malaysia.  I used a Service Source Malaysia envelope that had their address on it so that's why it was returned there instead of the return address.

Happy memories,

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Candy said...

YES! Every year Gina Davis takes our Christmas card photo and I've always mailed her one. This Christmas I mailed my cards out and a few weeks later she came up to me and said "you hurt my feelings!" I had no idea what she was talking about. She went on to explain that she had seen our card at friends houses and she never got one. I knew I mailed her one!! I told her it must have gotten lost in the mail and that I would give her another one. I then begin to question myself...had my pregnancy brain forgotten to send her one? Fast forward almost 3 months. I get a call from Gina and guess what? She got the card! It was postmarked Dec 13th and she got it in March!! So weird. It wasn't torn, sent back to the station, missing postage...nothing. I still wonder where my picture sat for nearly 3 months! haha