Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm an Aunt!

When I married into the Washer family, I gained 2 nephews and 3 nieces.  The day I came to the realization that I was an aunt was such a great day...

I was driving down the road thinking about how fun it will be one day when my sister has a baby.  "I will be the best aunt," I thought.  I kept imagining myself at the hospital in the waiting room, or maybe if Shelley will allow in the delivery room, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first niece or nephew.  It was a great time in my world of fascination!  But then all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was already an aunt.  Gary and I had been married for a few months, I guess, and I don't know why I didn't really think about it before, but I got really really excited.  I'm pretty sure I even called a few people to let them know that I was an aunt.  I think my sister was the first one I called that day.  She was a little confused but once I explained it to her she thought I was crazy.  I guess the reason it took me so long to "figure it out" is because the current nieces and nephews don't really call me Aunt Kimberly. 

My sister and I are very old fashioned and call all of our aunts and uncles, aunt so-in-so and uncle so-in-so.  I know alot of kids these days don't do that, but I want to be Aunt Kimberly.  Every once in a while I'll hear Gary's sisters call me that and I just get so excited.  I think I might have to start referring to myself as Aunt Kimberly when I'm around them just so they get used to hearing it.  "Aunt Kimberly loves you."  "Aunt Kimberly thinks you are the prettiest girl in the world."  "Aunt Kimberly needs her hugs."  You think it will get annoying if I talk in 3rd person all the time?  The hard part about it though is that Gary was so young and lived at home when his oldest sister had her first kid.  As you know the oldest sets the bar for the rest of them and since they were semi-close in age she just calls him Gary, thus I am just Kimberly.  I think the wheels are gonna change though because we have a new one coming in August.  Gary's sister, Laura, is pregnant with her 3rd.  It's a boy, so it evens out the playing field of boys vs. girls.  Which makes our options wide open on which sex we should/could/would have.  I want all boys, but Gary wants at least one girl.  Anyway, this post wasn't supposed to turn into this discussion, but alas it has.  I started this to show you some pictures of my cute niece and nephew.  I just found this picture on facebook in my oldest niece, Hannah's, albums and I decided to touch it up a bit with some editing. 

 This is the original version.  Sarah and Caleb are very close in age and spend a lot of time together.  They are always getting into mischeif, but look how cute they are!!

I decided to do everything in black and white except for the wagon and then add a little cousin quote to make the picture more sentimental, because I'm ooshy gooshy like that.

I love these kids and I'm so blessed to have married into a big family that just keeps growing.  Just in case you want to know all my nieces and nephews they are: Hannah, Christopher, Ruthie, Sarah, Caleb, and then Benjamin will be here in August.  I'm pretty obsessed with him all ready and everytime I'm out I think I have buy him something.  Gary is starting to get a little annoyed with all of the "My Aunt is the Best" clothing around the house, but what can I say...I AM!!!

Happy Aunting (and Uncling),


Kristen said...

I'm an only child - so I was very excited to marry into Jeremy's family - he's got a brother and three sisters and so I immediately gained 6 nieces and nephews! It was awesome! I love being an aunt. =) But I'm not called "Aunt Kristen" either. Sometimes I'm "Ren." =)

Anonymous said...

Love it!! It is very exciting to spoil them and send them back! Lee has lots of payback stored up for Stephanie! LOL Can't wait for us to be aunts together in August!!

Juliane McCorkle said...

Yay!! I love this post! So fun!