Thursday, May 19, 2011

In case you were wondering

Remember this and this?  Well, I went to the radio station yesterday to pick up my tickets.  The lady at the front desk was rather..ummm...not friendly.  I get it that people come in all day long telling you they won things and I'm sure some of them are not telling the truth, but seriously I was so excited when I came in and overly friendly, did you really have to look at me like that?  Anyway, so I filled out the paperwork in order to retrieve my tickets.  I wasn't exactly sure if they were going to be passes for the whole weekend or if they were going to be for one night.  I had posted this picture
on my sisters facebook page and asked her if she had to pick a night, which one would she pick.  She said it didn't matter to her, but Friday night looked like a lot of fun!  So, I went in knowing that if I had a choice I would pick Friday night.  Well, no choice was given and we didn't get Friday night, but Thursday night!!!!  The very first time I talked to my sister about wanting to go it was about who was going to be there on Thursday night, so secretly in the back my mind I always wanted to go that night.  Well Hello, Jason, Easton, Sara, Brad, Zac Brown and band, and 2 special guests Alan and Kelly!!  I'll TAKE IT!!  I just wanted to also thank everyone again who voted.  So, if you are going to be at the fest on Thursday night  you might hear my sister and me screaming at the top of our lungs.  I think I might need to go buy some cowgirl boots for these festivities! 

Happy festing,

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nat said...

Hope ya'll have fun! Let us know if you get some boots! I'm a boot lover myself!