Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco De Mayo

After May the Fourth 'be with you' comes the holiday we all know and love as Cinco De Mayo.  This is the holiday when everyone runs to the nearest Mexican restaurant and eats as many tacos that their belly can hold. 

Well, last night I had already planned to go with my mother-in-law to buy things that we need for Gary's graduation party this weekend, so I asked Gary to wait on me before he ate dinner.  We got back home from Sam's at around 7:45, unloaded all the stuff, and then Gary and I hit the road to search for some Mexican.  We did have a little detour because his mom accidently forgot her purse at our house so we had to run back and get that for her.  Once we arrived at the beloved outside dining Mexican restaurant that was closest to our house all the lights were off, not a car was in the parking lot, and the doors were locked (at least we guess they were.  We didn't get out and try).  Strike 1!!  So, Gary mentions there is another Mexican place closer to MTSU's campus.  He knew it would be packed but since it was getting later he thought we might have a chance.  Once we got there he dropped me off so I could see about a seat.  I walked in and couldn't even move...Stirke 2!  On our way back to our house I thought we should just stop at BlueCoast Burrito because that's a little south of the border, but we went a different way home and didn't pass one.  Right as we were about to head straight for home I see an El Camino.  The parking lot doesn't look very full so we park and run in.  This restuarant is about the size of my living room so even though the parking lot wasn't full the restaurant sure was...Strike 3!  That was it we were tired and now it was almost 9.  I had invited my friend, Rachel, and her husband to go with us, but they had already eaten (good thing huh?).  The drive home continued and right as we could have turned down one road towards the house, Gary mentions Chef Wang's.  Now who do you know that eats Chinese food on Cinco De Mayo...this girl right here (and her husband).  Let me just say that Chef Wangs was the place to be.  There was NOBODY there!!  We were in and out in 30 minutes.  Once again, however, we had to make a little detour once we pulled back into the driveway...I realized I HAD LEFT MY PURSE!!! 

Last night was a night full of strike outs, purse forgetting, Chinese food eatin' fun!!  Hope you had as an exciting Cinco De Mayo as we did!!


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nat said...

Sounds like you had quite and adventure. I'm actually cooking tacos tonight. A day late, but they will still be good!