Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clue #2

I know that you all have been anxiously awaiting today's clue for the anniversary trip I am planning for Gary.  But first, let's talk about clue #1.  Last night while we were making dinner I gave him his first envelope...

*please excuse the absolute mess on our countertops.  We still have party supplies invading our house from Gary's graduation party (that I still haven't blogged about).* 

Do you remember what clue #1 was?  This state has a Metropolis, the home of Superman really does exist!  Well, Gary had some pretty good guesses and if he really does know he is hiding it pretty good from me.  We are placing them all on the fridge so on next Thursday he can see all of his clues together. 

Now for your next clue... 

This state is the home of the 1st McDonalds. 

At the bottom I put some silly things just to cover up the page a little more and add character.  Gary has a name for just about every fast food resturant out there.  When we are wanting to eat fast he always gives me the fast food options using his names...McDonalds is 'make me take a dump in a hour.'  Krystal is 'gut grenades.' Hardees is 'Farties.'  Taco Bell is 'diarrhea in a tortilla.'  Well, I guess you get it :).  His other favorite thing is to eat cheap.  I mean HELLO you are already at the fast food restaurant, which I might say have gotten a little more expensive, but he still wants to go for the cheapest thing on the menu and freaks out if I get a meal.  So, the $1 menu is a big must in our house!

Once again, if you know what it is or want to guess please don't post it on here (or my facebook page...Bethany :)).  Feel free to email me ( or send me a private message on facebook.  Not that Gary stalks me or anything, but you just never know with him. 

Happy Guessing,


nat said...

I don't eat at Taco Bell very much anyway, but I'm pretty sure I will now never eat there again. Thanks, Gary!

Anonymous said...

LOL... I was laughing so hard at his fast food names! You have some great clues!!

Juliane McCorkle said...

This is just making me crave Taco! You know how it is over here! I'm excited to read the rest!