Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Service Source International

The reason we have moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is because of my job with Service Source.  We are an outsourced sales company for hardware and software companies.  I am a Sales Support Coordinator, which means I build quotes for the sales rep.  The office in KL is going to be a data office for several of the teams that we have back in the states.  VMware, the software team I am on, is the first team to expand over here.  We have had a total of about 15 people from the other offices (Nashville, Dublin, Singapore) come over to get this office up and running.  Jonathan and I are the here for the long hall of 6 months.  Can you believe I have already been here a month!!??  Only 5 more to go!!

That chair is pretty comfy.  It just needs a foot rest.

Walking into the office from the front desk.

From the front

From the back at my desk

More cubicles by the kitchen that are empty at the moment.  If you go around the corner straight ahead that is where we all sit.

One of the training rooms.  "Peter's office"

The sitting area.  The short table with the stools is very awkward to eat at.

The kitchen

Chad and Jonathan in some local costumes

The locals, plus chad and jonathan

with everybody

The guys in costume plus John and Jason
From Right to Left: Jason, Jonathan, Hafiz, Jonathan, Chad, John, Pravin, Thilaag

The left side of the girl picture (I was obviously not ready for this one)
From left to right: Jesenta, Yaso, Vicky, Telacia, Siti (can't tell who is behind Siti), Umi, Christina, Padma, Manjo, Ellie, Kavitha, Parveen, Me, Huda, Suraya, Manju, Zila, and Chevlyn
 The right side of the girl picture
From right to left: Reen, Efy, Rohani, Neeta (hiding in the back), Darshini, then back to Chevlyn.

We saw this on the way home one day.  This is the bane of our existence (I hope that's supposed to be bane...I asked people around me before I put it on here) at work.  We build all of our quotes with this program and we thought it was funny that we saw a bumper sticker!!  Oh Horacle!!


yuyu said...

Hey, Kimberly~nice blog!I favorated it. I peeked Serena and Chad in the 3th,4th and 5th photos.
That Oracle, and now together with its partner OTRS,are so understanding. Every time we have to OT, they either crash or hang, or cannot copy-paste....

nat said...

Horacle indeed. Everyone that uses Oracle hates it! LOL! Thanks for sharings pictures of the office. Your cubicles look nicer than mine - or at least cleaner and newer!

MyLensJourney said...

I was browsing trough the net searching for Service Resources and i stumble upon this blog. Its a nice blog.

I deposited my resume yesterday(friday) and i really hope i get the job. Hurm... the place is pretty much like the picture you posted. When i see that place for real, i just said to myself... hey its the same with the picture in Kimberly's blog.

Thank you for letting me to put comment on your blog. I see that you love to travel and do great stuff. Hopefully we will meet face to face in the future. :D

See you there, i hope :D

Abdul Hafiz Bin Mohd Isa Azmi