Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Work Christmas Lunch

I still haven't blogged about our End of the Year party we had on the 17th, but I am going to go ahead and tell you about our Christmas lunch we had last Thursday.  Most of these pictures are provided by Kelvin from work because this was the same day this happened.  So, thanks to Kelvin we have pictures to go along with our story...

This is the lovely Christmas tree that I was in charge of decorating.  So, a few weeks ago Umi, the secretary, Suraya, a girl on our team, and I went Christmas shopping.  We laughed and had a great time!!  This is the final product!  We were pretty proud of ourselves!

I loved the written ornaments.  We bought a bunch of them, but this is the only one that ended up on the tree cause the others got scattered throughout the office. 

Kelvin is a good photographer huh? 

This picture doesn't really show that our office is decorated, but it was a little bit.  We had cotton on most of the cubicles to represent snow, which I really don't know why because it doesn't snow here, but nonetheless it is a part of Christmas everywhere.  It looked kind of tacky, but we didn't care :).

See that cute little Christmas tree on my computer screen?  Yep, Pravin put that on there for me and I just loved it!!!!
Closer shot.

Right before lunch time our internet went down, so we all entertained ourselves before we ate.  This is me learning how to make an origami Christmas tree!!

Kelly was a great teacher!!

Since I forgot my camera, I did take this picture with Jonathan's camera, but he didn't have it at work today, so I took another one :).

I just couldn't stop making them.  I wanted to make sure I remembered how to do it! 

This is the one Kelly made.  She let me have it!

Then we grubbed...

Our office has grown SOOOO much.  It has only been around for 6 months and there are over 100 employees.  I'm not sure if that's counting managment and all.

Then it was time to go see Santa...

Here's Santa waiting on his kids to give them presents and treats!!
Everyone who wanted to participate brought a gift and then Santa just gave them another one.  It was a really neat and clean way of doing a gift exchange.

Ready to go!!

Me with Santa!

Then you got to pick out a treat...
Yummy cupcakes!!

Jonathan with Santa 

Time to give Santa his gift. 

Santa was tired!

Just some people at work...Me, Iskandar, Talacia, Reen, Efy, Intan, Frashilla, Irene.

It was a fun day!!


Juliane McCorkle said...

Looks like fun! I bet you have fun at work! I like reading about your interactions with all the workers!

He Sings Over Me! said...

Holiday fun at work! It always makes things a lot better. When you get back you are going to have to show me how to make that Christmas tree! And I love the Santa gift exchange-amazing!