Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time to Shave December

You may remember November is the No Shave month.  So, once December hit it was time to cut that thing off.  So, Wednesday night we got out the shaving cream, razors, scissors, and of course the camera. 
This was on November 1st.  Yes, the beard was already long then.

This was December 1st, right before we shaved it off.  If only you could touch it you could understand how thick it was under his chin.

His electric razor didn't make it through the international trip.  It hasn't been charging ever since he got here, so we had to resort to using scissors to get the bulk of it off.

The first cut!  Do you see tears in his eyes?

He even let me help!!

Getting a little sad I think.

The big parts were gone, now to find that skin under there.

There it is!

A semi hint of what he would look like with a goatee.  Of course his mustache would not be that thick.

a little mustache, soul patch action.

He loves combing his mustache.

Flip the ends.

That's so disgusting!!

I think it's better when he smiles.  HAHA!!

No soul patch.

combed down.

goodbye mustache...

This is to show you how long his mustache was.  It curled over his lips...GROSS!!!!

Oh wait one more!!  You may think this is a Hitler pic, but it could also be Charlie Chaplain.

There was hair everywhere.  It was nasty!!

It's all gone!!!!

Then he said his nose hairs were too long.  HAHA!!

Gary "Do I look like Justin Bieber?" I don't think so!!

This is just a little short video of when some of the people at church saw him for the first time.  Also, when we went to breakfast at our hotel the morning after he shaved the people there loved it and thought I had a new boyfriend.  Everyone thinks he looks so much younger.  Also, in this video his hair is cut!  Sorry I didn't get a picture of that, but just trust me, he looks really cute!!  He said when he went and got his hair cut that the lady only used thinning scissors and at first he looked like a local.  He asked her to take a little more off the back and it started looking more like how Chloe does it, but thankfully Chloe is still his favorite!! 

Happy Shaving,


Terry said...

Hey I guess it's too late to tell him that it's "Don't Shave December" over here, huh? At least that's what my sons claim. IMO, the 30 days of N-S-N is more than enough time to celebrate facial hair.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! With the mustache he looks like he should be in the army during the Civil War!! He really does look a lot younger all clean shaven!!

Juliane McCorkle said...

Good job documenting this! Fun times!

Candy said...

Soooo funny! Love the pics of his handlebar mustache and the Hitler pics. I think he looks much better clean shaven! Hope you are enjoying your December :)

Gary Washer said...

What do all you know. None of you can grow beards . . . yet.

Tabitha said...

OMG! that is so funny! And mustache, yes a lil gross! Much better clean shaven! Except, I don't like when Yannick is full shaven! I think it's funny how some people look with hair and without! But I think Yannick looks older when he is clean shaven! ahaha weird. Oh and they guys at my church have declared a Mustache March so in March they all will only have a mustache so I am going to be seeing that all month! Oh gosh thanks for preparing me!