Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My cousin Elizabeth is one of the funniest people I know.  She is so much like me :) hahahaha!!!  I live in the same town as my Aunt Kecia, Uncle Paul, 3 cousins (Paul Jr., Evan, and Elizabeth) and my grandparents and also attend church with them (of course this is when we live in America not Malaysia, just in case you were wondering).  So, we pretty much see each other at least once a week.  Well, Elizabeth like thrives on girl time because she has two older brothers.  If there is a girl around she is like attached to their hip (literally).  Whenever my sister is in town we bring Elizabeth with us everywhere we go and she is usually the source of our entertainment.  So, the last few days I have been calling my family a lot to get updates on my granddad.  I don't have everybody's numbers from home saved in my Malaysian phone so if I need a number I just call my parents and get them to give it to me.  Anyway, I called my mom's phone last night (Monday) and she was in the room with my granddad and had left her phone in the waiting room so of course Elizabeth answered.  She was so excited and just talked and talked and talked and talked and talked.  I asked her what she was getting for Christmas and she said that her cousin (on the other side) accidentally showed her the list of Christmas gifts and hers was on there, so she knows she is getting a Vera Bradley bag, but the gifts under the tree at home are wrapped really crazy and she keeps shaking them, but she cannot figure it out.  Just so you know that is sooooo me even to this day :).  Before I was able to hang up she wanted to make sure I had her cell phone number (yes, she is a 12 year old (I Think) with a cell phone) so I could call her.  So, today I knew that my mom had gone back home and I didn't have my grandmother or aunt's numbers saved in my phone so I called Elizabeth's phone.  I always say "Hey, what are you doing?" no matter who I'm calling (for the most part, unless it's like a professional call or something).  She got all giddy and announced to whoever was sitting around that Kimberly called her phone (I promise she makes me feel lik a star).  So, then she proceeds to tell me that they had been sitting in the cafeteria at the hospital for the last 3 hours and had been catching up on my blog, which was followed by all the things that I said wrong in the posts..."Pops (Granddaddy) isn't going to be leaving the hospital at the end of the week.  Pops didn't have a CT scan today..." and I'm pretty sure the list went on and on.  She is soooo goofy!!!  Oh and the girl CANNOT keep a secret.  My sister had driven up since my aunt and mom had to work, so I heard her whisper to Shelley, "smshshsmshshsmsh (that's whispering just in case you can't tell) Kimberly shmshshshsmsh Chirstmas present shsmshsshmshshs." Shelley, "NO."  Elizabeth, "Ok nevermind nevermind I wasn't going to say anything nevermind."  I'm sure that if I talked enough I could have gotten it out of her, but I decided to be good and not push it.  I called back later to talk to my grandmother because the nurse was in there the first time and Elizabeth answered and the first thing she said was, "Shelley thinks I have a flat butt like my mom."  I think my aunt is the only one in our family who has a flat butt and not only is Elizabeth like me in her personality, but she has a very similar body structure as me and we all know that I do not have a flat butt.  So, she said, "You will have to see it when you get home and tell me what you think."  I could hear my sister in the background say, "I think its just those pants."  She had pajama pants on and I'm sure they were 3 sizes to big and since they were so baggy they probably made her butt look flat.  Who knows I guess I'll be the final judge when I get home.

Let me just tell you this funny story...

After I got engaged, before I got married, there was a time period that I lived with my aunt and uncle to save on rent and such while planning my wedding.  Elizabeth is a tom-boy, but on the inside really loves fashion.  However, when it comes to outwardly (wardrobe wise) expressing this fashion sense she chooses comfort 99.9% of the time (just like me growing up and most of the time now).  One day my aunt was taking her somewhere and asked her to go get ready and for Elizabeth that means throwing on a pair of basketball shorts and a T-shirt.  My aunt went bolistic!!!  She started yelling at her and saying, "I DON'T KNOW WHY I SPEND MONEY TO BUY YOU CUTE CLOTHES THAT YOU PICK OUT AND YOU NEVER EVEN WEAR THEM!!"  and on and on it went.  Well, I'm sitting on the couch just snickering like crazy and then all of sudden my aunt turns to me and says, "AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!  SHE IS JUST LIKE YOU!!!!"  Of course then I lost it!!!!  Still to this day I have to remind my aunt of that one and apologize for not being a girly girl like my sister!  Whew good times!!  I'm crying I'm laughing so hard just remembering this one!


I got to talk to a lot of my family today and really started missing them.  My grandmother was asking all kinds of questions about the food, the culture, etc.  She expressed how proud she is of us and is so glad that we had this opportunity!  My granddaddy isn't doing as well as they had hoped.  The doctors at Skyline Medical Center are not very informative and they have actually been a little rude to my grandmother.  They are trying to get him moved to a closer hospital, but have not had any luck yet.  My aunt put the phone up to his ear today and I talked to him for a minute.  He whispered "I love you" and "bye."  My aunt said that before she put the phone up to his ear he seemed frustrated and was moving around a lot, but when he heard me talking he calmed down and she said she could tell he was listening.  She didn't hear him say anything, but it's probably because Elizabeth was chatting it up in the background and the phone was right up to his mouth and my ear so I could hear it, which is all that mattered to me.  They had to put a feeding tube in today because he is having a hard time swallowing.  Hopefully that will help his energy level.  He has also had high blood pressure today.  I think they won't be able to move him until that goes down, but I'm not sure (I'll call Elizabeth tomorrow :) ).  I also got to talk to my Uncle Paul and he told me that he LOVED our Christmas card and that he actually misses me...hahaha.  It was fun to get to catch up with all of them!!! 

I love you and miss you!


Juliane McCorkle said...

Aww, yay! Good to talk to family!

Anonymous said...

So glad you got to talk with your family! Elizabeth is very funny! We all miss you and are very, very proud of the great work you and Gary are doing. Thanks for making me cry so early today! :) Love ya!!

He Sings Over Me! said...

God has everything in control! And I know it hard, but you guys are doing what God wants you to be doing...and that is the best thing ever! Will keep praying for your grandaddy!

Anyways, Elizabeth sounds like so much fun! And I can totally relate to the butt thing. My sister would go around taking pictures of all our butts! I am sure those pics are floating around somewhere! Elizabeth, if you really want to know send Kimberly a picture, I am sure it will satisfy until she gets back. Good luck with all the guys!