Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So, my friend Candy has some of the funniest kids I have ever met!!  She has been super busy lately with the 2 youngsters and then she has the third on the way, so blogging for her is sometimes few and far between.  But let me tell you, when she does blog it makes my day!!!  She recently did a post about things that her kids say (which I always love those), but this one was by far my favorite!!!  My husband, who is not always easily amused by kid stories (he says things that women think are funny aren't as funny to men) even laughed out loud at this one!!  JaneClaire (4), also known as JC, and Silas (2) have some of the funniest conversations!!  I'm so glad that Candy puts them on her blog not only for us to read, but also for her and Andrew (her husband) to look back on and remember!!  Anyway, now for the funny part...

Silas - I want my sippy cup!
JC - Here you go little buddy.
Candy - JaneClaire, that was so sweet of you to get brother's cup for him, thank you!
JC - And I even got him a pop-tart out of the garbage can this morning when he was hungary!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! nough said!!


Candy said...

Ahhhh! JC made your blog! How exciting! She's in the living room watching Nick Jr, so as soon as I'm done leaving this comment I'm going to tell her :) Glad you enjoy my kiddos as much as we do! They do keep us highly entertained!

Juliane McCorkle said...

That brought me joy! haha, it made me laugh out loud too! It's sounds like something off of a sitcom! hilarious!

Tabitha said...

"And I even got him a pop-tart out of the garbage can this morning when he was hungary!"

Hahaha you are right! 'Nough said!

I bet JC was like, yeah I am on a roll! ahahaha

Candy, I guess you are going to have to watch what goes in the trash can cause you never know when it's coming back out!