Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Party at the Sheraton!!!

On Tuesday night, Jun Ai and Chee Hoe came over to our place just to hang out!!  I'm soooooo glad that they did because I had been wanting to hang out with just the two of them!  It so hard getting to know people in a big crowd, but getting them one-on-one two-on-two makes it a lot easier!!  They are such a fun couple!  We met them when they got off the train because we were still waiting on the pizza and then we all walked back to the hotel together.  We had to wait on plates and silverware to be delivered so I showed Jun Ai how to make the origami Christmas tree...I will have to do a training video for everyone and so that I don't forget before next year!  That's next on the list of things to do :).  After dinner we just talked and hung out.  Of course Gary had to get on You Tube and show some of his favorite videos, but this one really is amazing and I thought I would share it with you all.  This is the singing group from Indiana University.  Kyle actually showed this to us while we were in India.

This is the original time this group performed this song.  There are a lot of different ones because like any other college the group members change year after year.  They're pretty amazing huh??  We tried to Elf Ourselves, but the internet was running WAY TOO SLOW!!  We do have a birthday party coming up tonight...There may or may not be a surprise appearance by the birthday boy, Matthew (brought to you by JibJab)!!

We had a great time with Jun Ai and Chee Hoe and probably made them stay too late because we just kept showing them stuff.  By the way we were acting you would think that we don't hang out with people ever, but we were sooooo excited that they came to our place!!

We got the pizza, they brought the pasta, and we took lots of pictures of ourselves.  I started taking them, but my arms are too short and Gary just goes crazy so we finally got a good couple of shots using the self-timer!!

Come back and visit anytime Chee Hoe and Jun Ai!!!

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Juliane McCorkle said...

Haha! I LOVE that song by "Straight No Chaser" We've watched it a couple times this season! haha!