Sunday, December 12, 2010

Islamic Arts Museum

Last Saturday, Gary and I went to the Islamic Arts Museum.  It was very interesting.  The first gallery was the Islamic Monuments of India. 
The Taj Mahal is a new obsession since that one incident, but don't worry I have since learned.

It was really hard to take good pictures in there because the lights reflected all over the glass.  This picture was absolutely beautiful!

This is someones grave.  Isn't that SUPER fancy??

Gary pointing to Narsapur.  Where we lived on our first India trip.

Hyderabad, where we will be going on our second trip to India.

Andhra Pradesh is the state of Narsapur and Hyderabad.

Next time, after this Hyderabad trip, we hope to go up north to Agra and Delhi!

These are replicas of Mosques that are all around the world.  Once again, sorry it was hard to take pictures with the glass reflecting.

This is one of the ceilings in the museum.  Every room we went into had a different dome colored ceiling.  They were beautiful.

Emperor Shah Jahan built the celebrated Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal.  This magnificent structure of white marble inlaid with precious gems such as agate and jasper ranks as one of the wonders of the world.  A synthesis of Indian and Persian architecture, its master architect, Ustad Isa, designed this cast complex comprising a main gateway, an elaborate garden, mosque, guesthouse, and several palatial buildings.  The Taj Mahal took 22 years to construct with a labour force of 20,000 workers.  it cose more than 32 million rupees upon its completion in 1648 AD.

I thought this one looked so neat.  I believe this is one that is in China.  As you can, it looks more chinese than the others.

I think each one of those domes is a burial place for different people.

This one looks like Mr. Miyagi's house in the 2nd karate kid.

There was a TV there that had the Quaran being read.  It was being read in Arabic (I think), but the black curser was going over the English words simultaneously.

These are coins.

A beautiful comb.

Gary loved this pipe!

There were many swords, knives, and guns.

Their helments had faces on them.

extrememly fancy guns!

Gary shooting it.  It looks kind of creepy!

This is a pulpit.

A replica of the inside of a mosque.


These have to be some heavy earrings!!

This mirror was beautiful on the other side and I used it to fix my hair!

Fancy saddle!

It is interesting to learn about the religion that inhabits this country.  The National Mosque is close by as well and while we were touring the museum a call to prayer came on. 

Happy Learning,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and interesting pictures!! Thanks for sharing all you are learning about Islam!

nat said...

Gary's obsession with pipes is starting to concern me! LOL! Just kidding. Looking like ya'll had a good time. Very interesting.