Monday, October 4, 2010

We're Shifting

The Wangsa Maju church has been at their current location for 4 years, however, they have a few members who have trouble getting up and down the three flights of stairs so they are shifting (as they call it...moving) to a new location.  We went to the new location a couple of weeks ago to check it out and make sure it would fit our needs. 

From the outside.  When you first walk in there is a nice foyer, but I think they are going to seperate it into classrooms.

This is the foyer again.  That's Pearly sittying in the chair.

A classroom

The auditorium.  This lady in the blue is Sharon.  The first Sunday I was there I heard an American voice speak up in Bible class and low and behold there she was.  She and her husband met in college and they moved back over here, Doug is in the background, and she has lived here for 30 years.  She has helped me a lot, but she has been in the states for almost a month tending to her ailing parents.  Her mother has cancer.  Please pray for them.

Doug is the man pointing here.  This is the back of the auditorium

This is the kitchen and there might be another classroom back here.

The pantry/storage

The auditorium again

Jun Ning and me.  She is Victor and Pearly's daughter!

She didn't like the first one so this is take two

My camera was in the incorrect setting to get the view from the front of the church.

Once again.  AHHH!!!

Then Jun Ning want to pick up stuff. 

Like a building.  Aww that's a better setting!!

and a man!!  Ha she is stinkin' hilarious!!

We will be in our new building next Sunday 10.10.10!!  We are starting a mini-gospel on Saturday and the guest speaker is Adrian something (forgot his last name), he is an elder at the church in Singapore. 

This past Sunday Gary preached the last sermon at the old building! 

We are going to miss this place, but we are off to a better place!

He did a great job on "Broken Cisterns"

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nat said...

Love the picking things up photos! Very clever! Made me laugh!